The Official Dura Wallet Commercial And Review

Dura Wallet Review:

I’m sure almost everyone has seen those cute little commercials for the Mighty Wallet over the past few years. You know, the one made from paper that has all kinds of crazy designs? Well, the Dura Wallet is the grown up uncle to the Mighty Wallet.

Much like other Tyvek wallets, the Dura Wallet is a simple, elegant, thin wallet that easily carries what you need to without the bulky butt hurting lumps that all men have had to endure one time or another.

But what separates the Dura Wallet from its lesser kin is it’s grown up brown or black colors and its uncanny ability to block RFID signals. (Many of the credit cards you already carry contain RFID technology. Nefarious bad guys can use software to scan you and see what cards you are carrying and could potentially steal your personal information!)

I initially had low expectations with the Dura Wallet as I could not possibly imagine that a paper wallet could be durable enough to handle the everyday use that it might encounter. Lets just say that so far I am very pleasantly surprised at how well it has performed.

The Dura Wallet easily held my 12 credit and I.D. cards as well as the cash I normally keep. My pocket bulge was noticeably decreased, and I began to notice that my butt cheek stopped hurting at the end of the day.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Dura wallet and have decided to keep it as my regular wallet full time. (Ladies, for the love of all that is holy, please consider getting your man one of these!)

Excerpts from the Dura Wallet website:

DuraWallet is the wallet that is paper thin, but incredibly strong! It slims and expands to hold whatever you need.


Made of lightweight Tyvek
Won’t tear
Stain resistant
Water resistant
Extremely thin
Makes a great gift

DuraWallet™ is made from a single folded sheet of Tyvek which is the same material used in industrial packaging and shipping allowing you to hold a few dollars for a slimmer feel or expand to hold whatever you need, it’s that easy! The DuraWallet™ is designed to give you that light weight feel but still meet all your needs by expanding whenever necessary!

Customers ordering today will receive a Buy One Get One FREE deal for only $10.00 + 7.95 P&H plus an additional $7.95 P&H for your FREE DuraWallet™. That’s TWO DuraWallet™, one BLACK, one BROWN – at an amazing low price!

PA residents add sales tax. 30-day money back guarantee less P&H. Continental U.S. orders only. By clicking the Order Now button you are placing a live order and agreeing to the terms of our 30-day money back guarantee and our arbitration agreement.

What are YOUR thoughts about the Dura Wallet? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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12 comments on “The Official Dura Wallet Commercial And Review
  1. Dragonite789 says:

    how the hell do you hack a wallet in the first place!

  2. xXNightPhantomXx says:

    Scanners. People would walk around and they can sensor scan the cards in their. It happened to my brother. He had to cancel his debit card because someone got a hold of his pin and numbers and they used up $60.

  3. Warpupets ikhwan says:

    they give any myth for us to believe so we buy they goods lol(my english poor sorry..)

  4. Shawn Jacob says:

    Not really new, it’s just a Mighty Wallet.

  5. tom says:

    I bought this a few months ago on a lark. I had the same concerns that a paper wallet couldn’t be durable. But I figure at $10 for two, it couldn’t hurt to try. I gotta say, I love the thing. I barely know it’s in my pocket, which is a big improvement from my old leather one. Especially with all the business cards I get. Seriously, most of these as seen on tv products I have ordered are crap. This thing is the diamond in the rough

  6. Jacob A. says:

    “Space age”

  7. Andrew van Baarsen says:

    RFID signals. Detects tags that store information electronically.

  8. kali caddell says:

    Sooooooo stupid

  9. Isaac Clarke says:

    0:41I dont understand. Someone is trying to hack my wallet? xD

  10. DRKWxd says:

    I hate it I walk by Dog The Bounty Hunter in the park with a laptop and he hacks into my wallet.

  11. lolfatcat1 says:

    0:40 hackin the booty, can’t hack the booty

  12. Janina Chandra says:

    its mighty wallet!

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