Optic 1050 Binoculars

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The Optic 1050 High Powered Binoculars are a durable, lightweight alternative to the traditional, bulky binoculars you are used to. Each pair includes a neck strap, carry case, lens caps and a bonus 6″ Pocket Spyscope.

Optic 1050 Binoculars Benefits

  • The shatterproof lenses and lightweight, durable construction allows you to have complete ease of mind when the kids or grandkids use them.

  • The economical pricing makes it an affordable value for the whole family.

  • You have nothing to lose. The product is backed by a 90 day money back guarantee.

  • Do the Optic 1050 Binoculars really work?

    Yes, our extensive testing has shown that the Optic 1050 binoculars work great. The binoculars were definitely well made, and held up well to the rigors of being used by my very active 6 your old son. (One thing that should be noted is that the ability to see up to 35 miles is only possible by being up on a large height with an unobstructed view!)

    Optic 1050 Binoculars Complaints

    Like many other popular products sold on television, the Optic 1050 Binoculars has had its fair share of complaints. Our research indicates that most of these center on “professionals” comparing this product to higher quality, (i.e. EXPENSIVE) binoculars. This product is designed for the casual viewer who wants good quality binoculars for a great price. It should also be noted that the company that created this product currently holds an A reliability rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    Optic 1050 Binoculars Testimonials

    “These are so inexpensive and lightweight, you’ll be amazed how far and with what detail you can see.”

    – C Thompson

    “These are perfect for whale watching — so lightweight that even with all my other gear,I have no problem carrying. Many more whale spouts observed with the Optic 1050 than with any other method — including heavy-duty binocs!”

    – J Carol

    “These lightweight binoculars are so tough and inexpensive that we got them for all the kids for Christmas — even the little ones. What a hit!”

    – H Farr

    Optic 1050 Binoculars Warranty Information

    The Optic 1050 Binoculars comes with a full 90 day money back guarantee.

    Click here to buy the Optic 1050 High Powered Binoculars

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