My Paint Zoom Review: How I Learned To Love Panting Again!

My Paint Zoom Review

Everyone knows that painting is a chore. But for some, it is a hellish experience to be avoided at all costs. I am one of those people who hates to paint anything. So when the opportunity came to review the Paint Zoom power painter, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

The Paint Zoom is essentially a power sprayer for paint. It consists of an easy to lift air compressor, tubing, and a spray gun which holds the quart size container for your paint. It also comes with a tool to help you thin your paint to the right consistency to be sprayed and a ton of good information in the form of manuals and the instructional video.

Paint Zoom Pros

  • Lightweight and portable.

  • I was very impressed with how easy it was to carry around the Paint Zoom when I tested it. The motor was powerful, but light enough to easily move from room to room when working.

  • Three way dial spray head makes angles and corners a breeze.

  • I was able to cut in relatively easy just by adjusting the spray head. I still had to tape around some of the tighter areas, but I really minimized my overall taping time with this.

  • No drip application makes clean up a snap.

  • The adjustable spray mist was fine enough to do an excellent job on a couple of small tables I was painting. I still had to use a drop cloth in the work area, but I had no drips like I would have by using something like spray paint.

    Paint Zoom Cons

  • Small Paint Container means more refills.

  • The quart size container was great for smaller projects like my tables, but I did have to refill it a few times when painting a bedroom. (I was able to minimize my refills though when I used some of the pro tips supplied in the manual.) I also think that with a little tubing and some zip ties, you could draw the paint from a larger container to complete projects even quicker.

  • Getting good results takes practice

  • I have to admit that when I first got the Paint Zoom I just hooked it up without reading through the manual very well. My results were comical at best. But after watching the instructional video and practicing on some cardboard like it suggests, I was able to get a smooth, professional finish every time.

    Does the Paint Zoom really work?

    The Paint Zoom worked great for me once I learned how to use it properly. I loved the results I could get with it, and it’s portability made it a snap to move from room to room. Overall, I was happy with everything from purchase to completion of my test projects. (Minus my initial learning curve of course!)

    Paint Zoom Warranty Information

    The Paint Zoom comes with a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a full, 1 year warranty on the sprayer.

    What are YOUR thoughts about the Paint Zoom paint sprayer? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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      The paint zoom furnishes your house.

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