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Welcome to the magical world of Pawggles, cute cuddly friends with a secret surprise. They pop open and flip into slippers! Pawggles are adorable, fun, furry friends that like magic, can fit on your feet! From cute little kitty, to adorable slipper. From lucky little unicorn, to magical slipper. A funny furry dinosaur that fits on your feet. They’re Pawggles… Paws & Giggles, Giggles & Paws…that’s Pawggles!

There’s kitties, puppies, unicorns, teddy bears, and dinosaurs. Pick your favorite or collect them all!

Overall we liked Pawggles so we rated them 4 out of 5 stars. We came to this decision based on the fun and collect-ability of the product. But what do YOU think about Pawggles? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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12 comments on “Pawggles Commercial
  1. [..YouTube..] Yes you do want to snuggle with your stinky, dirty slippers.

  2. nintendoatarikiller says:

    Yes you do want to snuggle with your stinky, dirty slippers.

  3. [..YouTube..] the neverending giggle is scary

  4. glittygiggity says:

    the neverending giggle is scary

  5. DuoSigma says:

    [..YouTube..] not as good as stompies

  6. DuoSigma says:

    not as good as stompies

  7. [..YouTube..] Rip offs.

  8. FjitFriendsRcool says:

    Rip offs.

  9. nothatkindoftable42 says:

    i like basketball.

  10. RoozleRay says:

    Oh man I feel bad for you if you’re so poor that you can’t have both a toy and slippers.

  11. lalaloopsysrcool says:

    i will feel so cool wearing fucking dinosaurs on my feet

  12. frumpy4 says:

    Whats with all the laughing in the background

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