Perfect Cupcake Commercial



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Put your favorite candy in the center of a Perfect Cupcake! Now you can make a cupcake surprise with the candy treat exactly in the middle.

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98 comments on “Perfect Cupcake Commercial
  1. cnhul001 says:

    Just “Stick ’em. Fill ’em up.” Now, that just sounds wrong!

  2. ivydiane628 says:


  3. YueSama317 says:

    Works just as good without any stick, just put a sweet in the cupcake dough

  4. glitterpanda112233 says:

    You don’t need a “sweet stick” you just need a tooth pick and a cupcake pan

  5. syara fina says:


  6. annajbananas says:

    other pans sell for 30 dollars and they dont even have a sweet stick…thats what she said haha

  7. Vanessa Lin says:

    Look if you have a cupcake liner how are you going to insert it!? And anyways how the hell do you pop those cupcakes out?!

  8. Tanja Kekskrümel says:

    Lol At Marys Cakes youll get a Pan free if you buy 16 Cupcakes xD

  9. widdlepuddyfat says:


  10. sarah tarmey says:

    and why can’t u ujust put the candy on top of the cupcake

  11. Will Smith says:

    There’s a razor inside!!

  12. SeekRapunzel20 says:

    why cant you just stick the candy in after…then ice over it

  13. Jeremiah Buchanan says:

    I would fill it with 1$ bills. so that whenever my kids (or my kid’s friends) take a bite out of it, they would bite off George Washington’s face off. :P

  14. roxygirl4427 says:

    at 0:37 he says “You love all kinds of perfect cupcakes” and im all like, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I LIKE, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I’VE BEEN THROUGH!!! DON’T TELL ME WHAT I LIKE!!!

  15. Fleecey Jameson says:

    That is the worst commercial jingle I’ve ever heard.

  16. emma wells says:

    what is his voice

  17. Kathleen Tra says:

    Because it is too hard to stick something in the center.

  18. jazminarroyo1994 says:

    Why the hell would they call it ‘sweet stick’.

  19. redTalonsss says:

    So why can’t you just stick the piece of candy or whatever into the batter? Why do you need the little toothpick thing?

  20. composednostalgia says:

    Wait what happens to the stick after its cooked? Is it edible……?

  21. Ann Vaz says:

    cause the batter is still in a liquid form so by tthe tim we insert the chocolate it will sink to the bottom

  22. jesslovesrammstein says:

    Watch with delight as your children impale their tiny fingers on our patented DeathStick™! Making cupcakes has never been so much fun!

  23. beforetheend8765 says:

    can you just..put the candy or whatever inside without this thing

  24. Kathleen Tra says:

    The stick is made to stay in the pan

  25. Kathleen Tra says:

    No since the batter is still liquid and when it bakes it rises making what ever was in the middle sink

  26. Animesia2 says:

    You know with the perfect cupcakes, push pops, big top cupcakes, cake pops, one can almost open thier own sweet shop or business. They literally gives all the tools you need to do it .

  27. nicolebiyok says:

    You can use a regular pan

  28. kieran ward says:

    00:41 is that a ferrero rocher?… FUCKING SOLD!

  29. DanceRock2009 says:

    So I have to spend $20 to buy a pan with a fucking stick in it, when I can just shove a piece of chocolate into some batter and bake it for the price of cake mix?

  30. Emma G says:

    So other pans like this cost $40 without the sweet stick… You mean a normal cupcake pan.

  31. Dawn Welch says:

    Um…”exclusive sweet stick?” *shudders*

  32. Alyssa Bettencourt says:

    sweet stick????? what the fuck!?!?! lol

  33. Jonipoon9 says:

    “Sweet stick”? “Fill ’em up”?That innuendo.

  34. Mike Cee says:

    I wonder what sweet stick they’re talking about!?! Ha ha ha

  35. trinsmom353 says:


  36. jiaxuanyouknow says:

    then how to u put the cupcake liner it will have a hole

  37. brandonvotaw says:

    that would be so cool

  38. Brittonbubba137 says:

    Yeah. XD

  39. Julius Lo says:

    id make a cupcake with another cupcake inside and so on. CUPCAKECEPTION! xD

  40. JaguarGamingFTW says:


  41. nelle da silva says:

    …because just puting a wittle bit of batter on the bottom then droping in the filing then covering it with more batter without the little pin in the middle is just SOOOOOO hard to do…

  42. kaara8722 says:

    i want to buy this but i cant find it on ebay or amazon, what is the coorect name for the pan

  43. alia bashar says:


  44. Marion Freeman says:

    Only tray that can do it. Well, that or someone that can cook.

  45. TheANiMeCrAzY21 says:

    I’m pretty sure you can do the same thing without the stupid sweet stick..

  46. Emman Castro says:

    I just hate the song

  47. LadyoftheDreamless14 says:

    Ya, I would buy it…If it were advertised better.

  48. masielly reyes says:

    The song is annoying

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