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From The Perfect Petzzz website…

These adorable pets offers a real pet ownership experience without the hassles and expense. Say goodbye to feedings and vet bills. Say hello to lots of love and cuddles.
Perfect Petzzz – the ultimate pet.

Has this happened to you? Your kids keep begging you for a new puppy or kitten. They promise to love it and feed it, but you know they are really just to young to properly care for a pet. Whats a good parent to do?

One way to delay the inevitable trip to the pet store is Perfect Petzzz! They are the huggable, squeezable, toy that lets your little one have all the fun of owning a pet, but none of the hassles! Choose between the many styles of puppies and kittens or collect them all!

We like the idea of having a soft cuddly pet that doesn’t need food or litter boxes so we have rated this 4 out of 5 stars. What are YOUR thoughts about Perfet Petzzz? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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82 comments on “Perfect Petzzz Commercial
  1. MsAG143 says:

    They are too cute!!! I can wait to get mine with my allowance money!!! I saw my first perfect petzzz a few years back at my grandma house ( she has a lot) and I always wondered what they where called and I found out a few hours ago! I love them!!!!

  2. thenrilliantprincess says:

    Little kid: i want a perfect pet!!!! te pet sits there and sleepsLittle kid: wake up already!!Manufacturers: TROLL

  3. jazzysadler says:

    Those look like someone’s taxidermied puppies.

  4. NoWhereman4444 says:

    It’s cute, yet creepy at the same time…… crute?

  5. shewyn hong says:

    Why buy a fake bear all it do is sleep

  6. geraldine schoofs says:

    i would never buy this plushies i’ve got the best cat eveeeer <3

  7. redTalonsss says:

    Oh god, those kids are gonna become those weird-ass people who stuff their dead pets.

  8. WarriorCats4EverFan says:

    I have one, a husky :I The battery leaked a little… o.o

  9. Whiteyy191 says:

    Clearly you’ve never owned a cat

  10. LeWhiskers says:

    If you give this to me as a gift I’ll mug you.

  11. ZaboarYaboarTheyas says:

    you don’t need to stuff it if it never dies!..or lives…

  12. Mi Li says:

    I already have an real orange tabby and a chocolate lab, the chocolate lab is harder to take care of but it’s worth it because it’s a great pal! And my orange tabby is not hard to take care of at all! You just feed him and clean his litter!!! And they do the sleeping and bathing for them selves! Don’t buy this! Buy a real pet that is ALIVE and has feelings!!!!!

  13. arrasan says:

    Watching with my fiance and I get from him “Here grandma, have a dead dog!”

  14. Katiereimer66 says:

    “Like to thought of a new pet but can’t take on all those responsibilities?” THEN DON’T GET A PET!

  15. Elizabeth Korwan says:

    but it’s still cute to have they even have life like babies like that for people who miss their children and thats understandable

  16. Amalia Meilita says:

    i think i’m gonna be bored with that thing

  17. Daulton wayne says:

    and that is what cats do

  18. flowersnjunk says:

    i saw this at the flea market for five dollars, it’s really creepy and quite loud since there is a motor inside that makes the thing look like it’s breathing…

  19. Bambi Haley says:

    I have a pug one!!

  20. asianbabiigirlx3 says:

    this is so stupid………

  21. Swamp Ape says:

    The sad truth is those are actual pets that they kill and freeze dry and then ship to poor unsuspecting children all over the world! BASTARDS!!!

  22. lvvargas4 says:

    So your saying all they do is sleep and breath?

  23. slash herotwo says:


  24. Mimi Lu says:

    so what if they just sleep, they’re cute!

  25. Lv Chengjin says:

    If you dont like them, dont get one

  26. Juliaflo says:

    Where did you get that information?

  27. Swamp Ape says:

    Dude! I was kidding LMAO!!!

  28. Juliaflo says:

    Now cut that out, LOLOLOLOLOLOL, and enjoy the rest of the summer.

  29. Swamp Ape says:

    LOL!! Sorry I hope you have a fine summer too! :D

  30. Dana Dumaplin says:


  31. Colin Kearns says:

    I Have One!

  32. Emily Amick says:

    Cute cuddly CREEPY

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