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I have to admit, I’m a huge fan of hot wings. The hot and spicy flavor, the mouth watering aroma, and the cool relief of some blue cheese dressing make me a happy As Seen On TV guy. So when I saw that APG had come out with an extension of their “Perfect” line of kitchen products, I was intrigued. But when I found out that Marc Gill was pitching for them again I was down right excited!

The Perfect Wing is essentially a rack that allows you to hang up to 12 chicken wings and then easily bake them so that all sides cook evenly. When ordered, you get 2 Perfect Wing racks, 2 recipe guides, and the bonus basting brush cap for $10.00 + $7.95 S&P + $7.95 S&P for the bonus rack for a grand total of $25.90. (Expect to pay State tax if you live in New York or California.)

For testing, we skipped the recipe book and made our own family recipe hot wings. (We cook the wings a light coat of oil and then toss them in a mixture of hot sauce and butter afterwards.) We lined a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and placed both of our Perfect Wing racks on top of it. We then oiled up our chicken and placed them on the racks. I have to say that I was extremely impressed with how crispy the wings turned out after baking. They were almost as crispy as they would be if we had deep fried them! A little bit of sauce and toss later, and we had some premium, restaurant grade hot wings.

Cleaning up the Perfect Wing was decent enough. It is essentially chromed wire, so some scrubbing was required as we liked our hot wings so much we made multiple batches. (A great way to have improved on the product would have been to have a non stick coating on the racks.)

Overall, we enjoyed our experience with the Perfect Wing. It made a huge improvement to our wing making, and would highly recommend this to anyone who like perfect, tasty, crispy, hot wings at a made from home price!

Perfect Wing Product Information From The Official Website

With Perfect Wing create the most delicious, juicy chicken wings without the hassle and mess! Perfect on the grill or in the oven! Cooking tasty chicken wings is easy as 1-2-3! Simply oil, season and arrange! No more bland chicken! Baste with your favorite sauces! Order yours today.


– Holds up to 12 chicken wings or legs

– A healthier cooking option — grease and fats drip right off the wings!

– Cooks evenly — never need to turn your wings again!

– Great for saucing & seasoning chicken evenly, too!

– Easy to clean — dishwasher safe!

When Ordering today, you will receive the Perfect Wing™ rack + recipe guide for just $10.00 + $7.95 P&H, we will also include a 2nd Perfect Wing™ rack + recipe guide for FREE, just pay the additional $7.95 P&H, and the Basting Brush is yours — 100% FREE!
State tax applies to orders from NY & CA.
**An additional $10 P&H is added for items sent to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska.
Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

What are YOUR thoughts about Perfect Wings? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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29 comments on “Perfect Wing Delivers Wings Perfectly Every Time!
  1. Chelsea Seachel says:


  2. Amalia Meilita says:

    now i want chiken :(

  3. Aaron Brown says:

    Goodbye Buffalo Wild Wings.

  4. Seston says:

    That’s a lot of work for something that’s suppose to be perfect.

  5. Hithienbang Youknowperson says:

    I get hungry whenever I watch this…

  6. Marion Freeman says:

    You can do that with thick aluminum wire from a DIY store…

  7. lelechim says:

    ain’t nobody got time for that

  8. mrmrzoozila says:

    Now I’m hungry, great.

  9. bunkers8399 says:

    It’s the same music from the Big City Slider commercial

  10. JaguarGamingFTW says:

    I knew that music was familiar…

  11. corwin11412 says:


  12. vsmstspsss says:


  13. Twan2251 says:

    @1:06 Godgloeiendenakendegodgloeiendeteringzooiheterotzooi!

  14. Francis Bonnefoy says:

    why the heck hang it on the bbq, the burnt sides are sooo good *U*

  15. Cybiology says:

    Can the Bottle Top Baster be used for painting?

  16. erifrij says:


  17. EeveelutionStorm says:

    I just put mine on foil. >> And I got a cool pair of mini tongs that I use to pick ’em up off the pan. Easy.

  18. Tom S. T says:

    Just do what I do: use a baking sheet with non-stick baking parchment.

  19. b2arr says:

    de chicken-wing-wrekske!

  20. Ella W says:

    MOM will love this

  21. Mathi De Pauw says:

    Heey Fransje hier met de Chickenwing rekske

  22. dancenekkid says:

    Mr. Clean’s long lost twin.

  23. Vincent Fung says:

    im just going to make one with a clothes hanger…

  24. GameReviewerArchive says:

    That man has his head on the wrong way around!

  25. kileydirectioner says:

    the new billy mays

  26. keltkilt says:

    hey they used the big city slider station music >:( !!

  27. TornadoBarrage says:

    I miss billy :(

  28. Kali Kat says:

    “To make delicious crispy chicken wings. Just pop em on the rack, place em in the oven, and out comes 12 buffalo wings!” Wtf? How did the chicken turn into buffalo?!?! Magic!

  29. dollarturbo says:

    They don’t really sell ovens or microwaves in my country so yea…

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