Pillow Pets Dream Lites Commercial



Pillow Pet Dream Lites are the amazing nightlight that turns your room into a starry sky instantly. Simply press the button it projects a starry sky on your ceiling and walls! Creates a magical and tranquil environment that helps kids ease into a restful sleep. They are even great for playtime. Runs on 3 AAA Batteries (not included). Built in timer shuts off after 20 minutes. Approximately 11″ in size. Folds up into a pet or opens to lay flat.

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1,157 comments on “Pillow Pets Dream Lites Commercial
  1. SuperAnglic says:

    Oh woo


    So Cute my baby loves it

  3. PhairAphrodite says:

    Good lord, I think I puked a little.

  4. Anton Majdanek says:

    i’ve had acid trips less whimsical than this fucking commercial

  5. 19kelli69 says:

    Good night billy

  6. MrDommo09 says:

    But you clicked on this channel just to hear it again huh? stupid!!!

  7. Evosium says:

    They wont even name the turtle when they show it. I guess turtles are “and so many more” now D:

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