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The As Seen On TV Blog’s PivoTrim Review:

[box]It happens time and time again. You just finished mowing the lawn. It’s hot outside and you want nothing more than to get back inside, but you still have to trim. Just as you get the weed eater started and begin to trim, the trimmer line catches on something and snaps right off. You go to tap the line release and watch in frustration as the last little bit of line flies away. Now you have to turn the trimmer off and find the spool of line. Looks like you get to wind the spool up and hope that you don’t get it too tight or it will never come out!

Sound familiar? That used to be my life too until I picked up the PivoTrim replacement trimmer head.

The PivoTrim is sturdy and durable replacement trimmer head with 8 heavy duty trimmer strings that can take some serious abuse! What makes them extra sturdy is the way that each string pivots on the trimmer head allowing it to deflect off of hard items like chain link fence without breaking.

I’ve been able to use my trimmer twice so far this year and have been really impressed. With the PivoTrim attached I easily trimmed and edged my lawn with the strings looking hardly the worse for wear. And with the bonus 3 blade head I even trimmed up the nasty bit of brush along my back fence!

PivoTrim has been around for a few years now and can be found at most big box retailers and of course online. For me, it gave me a bit of security knowing that this is a tried and true product, and the company behind it looks to be around for a long time.

The only downside is that the PivoTrim is designed to replace only gas powered trimmer heads. (I’ve had to put up my rechargeable trimmer and use my gas powered again but for me it has been totally worth it!)

If your looking for a way to reduce the hassle of trimmer line and want a great looking yard, consider giving PivoTrim a try!

Excerpts From The Official PivoTrim Website:

Sick of broken and jammed trimmer lines?

Tired of stopping to change broken trimmer lines?

That’s why we created the super-strong, extremely reliable PivoTrim™! Tough enough to cut right through plywood – The PivoTrim™ is one of the best home investments you’ll ever make! On other trimmer heads, strings exit the head at a fixed point- bending and weakening them until they break, but the PivoTrim™ patented pivot design allows the line to absorb the shock, reducing line wear and broken lines. Best of all, the PivoTrim™ is guaranteed to fit ALL gas powered Trimmers! Order now to take advantage of our special bonus offers!

PivoTrim Features:

• The secret is the patented pivot action
that protects the trimmer line
• Instead of bending and breaking, the
pivoting action saves your line
• So powerful no other trimmer head
can compete
• Banging it on pavers, edging around
driveways, and smashing into walls won’t break the line
• Fits ANY gas trimmers (not battery or
electric trimmers)

Offer Details: The PivoTrim™ is available for all gas trimmers today for only $19.95 plus $7.95 processing and handling. You’ll get the PivoTrim™, Universal Installation Kit, 20 Pre-cut Trimmer Lines, and a certificate for FREE Trimmer Lines for Life. PivoTrim™ works with gas trimmers only.

What are YOUR thoughts about the PivoTrim trimmer head? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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14 comments on “PivoTrim Official Commercial And Review
  1. SniperZeeGaming says:

    If the line doesn’t break, why do I need more?

  2. ricey0013 says:

    Exactly what i thought

  3. jumpstyleftw says:

    It will even cut your legs off

  4. Markus Davey says:

    Just $19.95! (+ P&H, which is not specified)

  5. Ben Jennings says:

    What kind of blade isn’t synthetic?

  6. Mona Hk says:

    It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when other normal people accomplish it easily with Ultra Slimming Formula (Look it up on google).

  7. danieltheteacher says:

    This is exciting.

  8. Muddawg0311 says:

    They sell these at walmart for about 12 dollars i bought one great!

  9. JAMANB says:

    I live in Manhattan and I want one.

  10. BreyerGurlForever says:

    Listen to this. “The blades NEVER break! but here’s a replacement blade ..” pathetic.

  11. eljan81 says:

    I have my first gas powered trimmer ever. And within not even a minute of use, the line broke twice. It’s understandable if they don’t break right away but fade over time.Hopefully I can find a better system than what came with the purchase.

  12. Razmo Tazm says:

    There is no warm body on the phone, all recording. I ordered a set (for $19.95), and by the time I was done I heard my bill was over $92!!! I immediately called my credit card company to cancel the payment!! Be careful. No warm body on the phone no purchase!!

  13. Ric Kienbaum says:

    A dishonest company that uses a tricky web page to rip of people. They will not cancel an order even if one was not placed because they charge outrages shipping costs and force the purchaser to return the item and give up the shipping charge. The customer service person hung up on me. Stay far away.

  14. djmorrow07 says:

    1:56 minute why after cutting in half play wood the weed eater goes out of the screen then comes back down ( 2 weed eaters ?

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