Ponilox Review And Commercial

The Product: Ponilox Pivoting Hair Comb

The Claim: The only pivoting hair comb that easily creates instant updos!

The Price: BOGO $10.00 + $10.90 total S&H

From The Ponilox Website…

Had it with bad hair days? Looking for an easy solution that will give you the perfect style for any occasion? Introducing PoniLox™, the unique pivoting comb that easily creates instant updos! PoniLox™ quickly inserts into your hair to lift and volumize. High poni’s, low poni’s, twists and turns – PoniLox™ gives you flexibility to updo your hair for the dinner table, gym, boardroom, and so much more!

Ponilox is all about giving your hair a trendy, fashionable look at a good price.

I have to say that Ponilox is definitely fashionable. It also was relatively easy to use after a few practice tries. (Being that I am a bald man, this was proven by my lovely spouse and daughter for me!)

The girls really enjoyed the fun styles they could create with Ponilox and mentioned that the styles worked well with most of their outfits.

The only complaint they had with the pivoting hair combs was that they had hoped they would have received a few more of them for the price. However, in the end they still felt it was a good value as it gave them some great style options and no ponytail headaches!

Based on my family’s input, we decided to rate Ponilox 4 out of 5 stars.

You can purchase a set of your own from the
official Ponilox website or look for them on the As Seen On TV Blog’s Health & Beauty store page.

Have YOU used Ponilox before? If so, what did you think about it? Be sure to leave a rating and your comments below!

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7 comments on “Ponilox Review And Commercial
  1. dinosandlpsgirl1 says:

    That’s not even a ponytail… I’ve never seen a horse tail like that.

  2. SuperHuskyVideo says:

    But that not even a ponytail. It more like a bobtail or something.

  3. MontiStew says:

    Great Product!!! I use it for a Chignon and it’s so easy!

  4. chowguyify says:

    Hi! Is it good for thick hair ponytails?? I have yet to find anything that works.

  5. chowguyify says:

    I get headaches from Ponytails and they slip down. Hope this works.

  6. MontiStew says:

    I Love it! No headaches with this product and it holds all day long! It’s wonderful!!

  7. SunWarmed says:

    this is just another commercial. would love to know if it really works from real people

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