Pop Chef Makes Edible Food Arrangements Affordable!

Product Information From The Pop Chef Website

Pop Chef™ is the quick & easy way to make unique, fun snacks! Just push, pop and create! No more boring snacks! Make fresh colorful arrangements. Order yours today.

– Quick and easy to do — Just push, pop and create!

– Creates fun, healthy snacks and transforms mealtime

– 12 different shape tools for creative possibilities

– Handles food up to 2″ thick

By ordering today, you’ll the complete Pop Chef system for just $10 plus $5.99 S&H! Each set includes 1 Bulb, 6 Shape Cutters (Butterfly, Flower, Sun, Heart, Circle, Star) 25 Bamboo Skewers AND our Recipe Book! PLUS, as a special bonus, we’ll also include our 30 Piece special occasion set and all you pay is the $5.99 S&H! An incredible value!
This offer is covered by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee less S&H. Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA and NJ. For customer service please call 888-912-1112.

What are YOUR thoughts about Pop Chef? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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15 comments on “Pop Chef Makes Edible Food Arrangements Affordable!
  1. WWEandORIGAMIFAN31 says:

    No more buying edible arrangements

  2. Dr Fizzy Good says:

    That could be good for bento box lunches.

  3. Royal Insanity says:

    i am willing to get it

  4. Luz Moran says:

    Cool and Fun!! ;) :)

  5. mia bautista says:

    What’s so bad with cookie cutters?

  6. stimpshore1 says:

    Infomercials are so great

  7. Megan Grace Green says:

    they spelt sandwiches wrong at 0:31

  8. Emani Nelson says:

    Pop chef looks so good and so cheap you can make all of that just for 10 dollars # I’m loving it

  9. Heledina Mekonnen says:

    Don’t work

  10. johanne toppenberg says:

    he just said so the kids will eat healthy Again and then he said how to use them on cakes and cookies

  11. SwagAnator 312 says:

    That pooping noise thought…

  12. SwagAnator 312 says:

    I met piping

  13. SwagAnator 312 says:


  14. Corinna Chen says:
  15. TylerYTP says:

    “PB&J Sandwhichs”

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