Pop N Fun Pie Pops Lets You Make Bite Size Pies For Any Occasion!

Pop N Fun Pie Pops can be purchased at www.popnfun.com OR CLICK HERE To Shop For Similar Items At Walmart.com



Pop N Fun Pie Pops can be purchased at www.popnfun.com OR CLICK HERE To Shop For Similar Items At Walmart.com


Pop N Fun Pie Pops Product Information

Pop N’ Fun Pie Pops is the quick, easy way to make the party POP! It’s a bite size fun for everyone! Make every birthday pop! Decorate Pie Pops™ for every holiday! Making Pop N’ Fun Pie Pops is easy as 1-2-3! Order yours today.

Pop N’ Fun Pie Pop Features And Benefits:

  • Quick and easy
  • Everyone can have their favorite flavor
  • Perfect snack size
  • Great for breakfast, lunch, snacks and desserts
  • Frost ’em, Dip ’em, Decorate ’em

  • Making Pop N Fun Pie Pops is as easy as 1,2, 3!

    1. Cut your desired shape out of the crust
    2. Place into mini pie press and spoon in your filling
    3. Pop in the stick and bake!

    Pop N’ Fun Pie Pops OFFER DETAILS:

    When you order today using our convenient and secure automated system, you’ll get the Round Pie Pan with round shaped cutter and Pop N Fun Baking Guide for just $10.00 and only $7.95 processing and handling! We’ll also double your order, FREE, and send you our heart-shaped pie pan and cutter, just separate $7.95 processing and handling. As an added FREE Bonus you will receive 25 sticks, 25 clear wraps, and 25 ties!
    Tax will apply to orders in FL & CA. An additional $9.95 surcharge will apply to all orders delivered to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Guam.

    Customer Service

    We are committed to providing the best products and friendliest customer service. If you should have any questions about ordering or a question about any of our great products, please feel free to contact us with the information provided below.
    The standard delivery time for Pop N’ Fun Pie Pops™ is 3 to 4 weeks. If you requested priority processing, your order will be shipped within 7 business days of your order date. If you have specific questions about the status of your order, please call our Customer Service line at 1-877-300-5499, Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

    Pop N’ Fun Pie Pops Return Policy

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee (Less S&H). Return via USPS to address listed below. Please include your complete name, address, daytime telephone number and email address inside the return package when returning your item.

    Pop N Fun Pie Pops can be purchased at www.popnfun.com OR CLICK HERE To Shop For Similar Items At Walmart.com

    What are YOUR thoughts about Pop N Fun Pie Pops? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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    27 comments on “Pop N Fun Pie Pops Lets You Make Bite Size Pies For Any Occasion!
    1. simonli2575 says:

      Poop N Fun Pie Poops

    2. Juuuugi says:


    3. Garrus Vakarian says:

      This man’s voice angers me so much.

    4. noah49251 says:

      Hey u r messing with smosh

    5. noah49251 says:

      Cuz the voice sounds like peter

    6. battlemanish says:

      granma likes pumpkin pie!

    7. HTFsplendid says:

      what if i want the star shaped ones?

    8. mrmrzoozila says:

      I’d rather have an actual pie

    9. YoZgatBoi says:

      Wow, now I can make hash brownies 2 go.

    10. Jordan Lee says:

      this is for lazy people

    11. icecream11425 says:

      Grandma was scary

    12. 0HAMI says:

      why not just make real size stuff? it’s ridiculous to waste that time making 6 smaller bite sized ones when you can make whole pie, eat it alone and get fat -.-

    13. Debby Dong says:


    14. Iffah Baseerah Bahrin says:

      No it’s supposed 2 b poop n’ fun pie poops!!!:))

    15. Regan Daniels says:

      No just no

    16. Travis Jordon says:

      the kids at .39 seconds are so disappointed. “WHY ME GOD????” :******

    17. OldFumbler says:

      Who the fuck writes these rhymes? They’re the worst. And worse than the quality of them is how they’re used only intermittently throughout all these ads.

    18. Sham Wow says:


    19. azntranc3951 says:

      I subbed because of the comments rather than the infomercial itself :)

    20. Kari Rielly says:

      brownies don’t bore i love them they are soooooo good

    21. smallanimaladvice813 says:

      Ewwww bacon and egges pie *gags*

    22. misscaitlinh says:

      Plus so much of it is just crust…

    23. BeatlesandWebkinz says:

      What is with food on sticks that make it so popular?

    24. 515christie says:

      There size?

    25. ParaSky100 says:

      Cake pops, Pie pops, what’s next Pasty pops?

    26. GlitterStar08 says:


    27. DuoSigma says:

      dat nigga at 1:10 dunt liek da pumkin pi

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