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Pour To Store can be purchased at www.pourtostore.com or Click Here To Shop For Similar Items

Pour To Store Review

The Pour To Store is one of the latest products from the marketing group TV Goods and is pitched by none other than Cathy Mitchell. Pour To Store promises to make storing everyday kitchen foodstuffs quick and easy.

Pour To Store comes with the main funnel which boasts having a gripping surface on the outside of it, an ez bridge to make handling easier, a fill-n-tilt strainer, and a reducer accessory which allows you to fill smaller sized bottles and containers.

The Pour To Store website offers 2 complete Pour To Store sets for only 14.95+p&h.

Pour To Store Pros

  • Easy To Use

  • Great Way To Save Money

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Pour To Store Cons

  • Similar products are already on the market, but you do have to buy them separately.

  • Does Pour To Store really work or is it a scam?

    We were able to test Pour To Store and found that it does work as advertised. The friction grip on the outside of the funnel gripped tightly, making the bridge piece unnecessary for some of the tasks. The strainer and bridge both performed well for the tasks we used it for.

    Pour To Store Guarantee

    The Pour To Store comes with a full 30 money back guarantee minus the costs of shipping and processing.

    Pour To Store Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars

    Overall we enjoyed using the Pour To Store. The accessories that came with it were useful, and it did help with getting products back in containers. We are only rating it 4 stars out of 5 though as a savvy person could purchase similar items separately and achieve similar results.

    Pour To Store can be purchased at www.pourtostore.com or Click Here To Shop For Similar Items

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    61 comments on “Pour To Store Commercial And Review
    1. Iffah Baseerah Bahrin says:

      So dislike!!!!!

    2. frumpy4 says:

      No, it has micro-groove technology!

    3. ilovesmurfette45 says:

      Who the hell pours sauce down thier drain?

    4. Delaney Plaisted says:

      it’s a fucking funnel!

    5. hockeylover1990 says:


    6. Amanda Bearto says:

      Use a funnel. You can get one for a buck.

    7. ALEXANDRA PINA says:

      That one just looks like a condom

    8. GTA4masta says:

      Made in America, yeah that makes other countries hate us even more

    9. VGtree054 says:

      The same person who tries to pour that stuff from a pot into a jar

    10. purplephantom9 says:

      Its called a funnel

    11. XGeeklyChicX says:

      Why would you or salsa or pasta sauce back in the glass jar when you have containers

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