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Press Dome Review:

The Press Dome is no stranger to As seen On TV. In fact, you’ve most likely seen it in use or as a bonus offer with many food sealer infomercials. This time around, the Press Dome gets to stand on its own.

The Press Dome is essentially a plastic dome that allows you to seal and keep fresh any food that is inside when you latch and suck out the air of your plate. The TV Commercial does a great job demonstrating this fact with some time lapse photos of bananas and strawberries with and without the Press Dome.

I liked the versatility you get with the Press Dome as it can be used to seal and store food on a plate or in a bowl. I have only put in through the dishwasher only a couple of times, but so far, the Press dome looks to be durable enough to stand up to lots of use.

The biggest downside to the Press Dome is that not all kitchens come equipped with standard size dishes and invariably, some dish sizes will not work with it. Luckily, there are smaller and larger sizes available either from the official offer or from places like

Overall, I really liked The Press Dome and I feel that it is a good product that solves food storage and freshness problems quite well.

Excerpts from the Press Dome website…

Save money two ways with PressDome™. Its vacuum seal keeps food fresher up to 3X longer, so you’ll save money and food each week. It seals food directly on YOUR OWN plates, platters, bowls, skillets, even cutting boards & countertops, so you’ll save money on disposable bags, plastic wrap and containers. You’ll also save time since you do not need to transfer leftovers to plastic containers or bags anymore. To have enough PressDomes™ while some are in use or in the dishwasher, our customers typically get several sets.

PressDome™ is the hottest new product for the kitchen that you’ll use everyday, throughout the day. it makes a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, housewarmings, bridal shows, weddings, anniversaries, hostess gifts and other special occasions. Also great for family and friends who appreciate healthy life styles, have kids, or have weak hands due to arthritis! Click on the ORDER NOW button to get Todays Special Offer. Buy 1 PressDome™ for $14.99 (normally sold in stores for $39.99) and get a second PressDome™ FREE!

What are YOUR thoughts about the Press Dome? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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17 comments on “Press Dome As Seen On TV Commercial And Review
  1. battlemanish says:

    how much money do yuo got for doin’ this? :)

  2. kieran ward says:

    grammar. u haz it.

  3. time903 says:

    This is kinda cool.

  4. mrmrzoozila says:


  5. joebro360 says:

    stealing epic meal time harleys idea!

  6. Wendy510 says:

    the epic meal time guy didn’t invent it either – it was an ad he did for some asian dude’s product

  7. PixarFan8080 says:

    you get two for $15? Thats a ripoff if you have a lot of things to seal..

  8. James Lubinski says:

    y would u have a 20 pound cutting board!?

  9. Laura McDowell says:

    I’m pretty sure he sold the idea to the highest bidder; gotta pay for all that bacon somehow!

  10. Newaz Rahman says:

    Plus a expensive “Processing and Handling”

  11. xLanii says:

    anyone else upset that he ruined the jello?

  12. Linda Scalzi says:

    Very nice invention. Just a little too expensive when you ad in that high shipping and handling. Saw them in China for 15 cents. Wish I bought about 1000!!

  13. lovelylamp says:

    Copied epic meal time plate topper

  14. MrNDUDE16 says:

    I thought this guy died

  15. DuoSigma says:

    rhymes always sell products don’t they.

  16. ShaqZigWINNER64 says:

    I wish billy mays were alive to do this ad. It would be exactly the same only five times louder

  17. Erica Davis says:

    Can It Stop Bugs From The Food?!

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