Purrfect Arch Brushes Cat’s Coats While They Play!


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Purrfect Arch As Seen On TV Review

    The Product: Purrfect Arch

    The Promise: A new groomer that brushes cats’ coats while they play.

    The Price: 2 Purrfect Arch groomers and 2 bonus bags of catnip for a total of $35.85. (Make sure the quantity listed at checkout is “1” to get the offer at this price!)

Our household is fortunate enough to have 2 cats living with us right now. (A brother and sister named Luke and Leia.) At 2 years old, they are still very active and do their best to constantly explore every inch of our house. Unfortunately, this means that their cat hair tries to land on every square inch of our place as well! My family and I try to groom them at least once a week, but hectic schedules leaves gaps sometimes.

So when we got the chance to check out the Purrfect Arch groomer we were intrigued. Here was a toy that the kitty’s could groom with themselves!

We found a good deal on the Purrfect Arch at our local Walmart.

Setup was really simple once I read the directions!

After Luke and Leia crawled around the box it came in, they began to explore their Purrfect Arches. The catnip infused base immediately got their attention, but it did take a few days for them to actually begin using it.

Luke seemed to like to run underneath the brush arch to get a full groom, while Leia was really into grooming her face.

It’s been over a week now, and both cats continue to go back time after time.

Cleaning out the cat hair from the arches ended up being easy as the hair just pulled right off the brush similar to when you use a grooming brush.

All in all we were very happy with our Purrfect Arch. It worked exactly as advertised and our cats have never been better groomed! I would rate this as a must have for anyone who wants to provide a great way to keep their cat’s happy and healthy.

What are YOUR thoughts about the Purrfect Arch? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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27 comments on “Purrfect Arch Brushes Cat’s Coats While They Play!
  1. Danielle Berboso says:

    what the heck is wrong with the purr sound

  2. Kari Rielly says:

    no one needs that its not that hard to brush a cat

  3. Nur Batrisyia says:


  4. PixarFan8080 says:

    Cats meow has a new friend.

  5. Prence says:

    I bought one of these things years ago, and none of my cats would ever use it. lol

  6. HTFsplendid says:

    HER coat? sexist much?

  7. Mike Cee says:

    My Korat cat doesn’t need this crap, he loves to be brushed!! :)

  8. simlover00 says:

    why the hell is this only for female cats???

  9. azntranc3951 says:

    All I see is a giant pipe cleaner…

  10. Collin Pribula says:

    Awesome! I’ll buy it!

  11. RawrGoesEllie says:

    what if i have a guy cat?

  12. LadyoftheDreamless14 says:

    Thats… Not a bad idea… Well, at least for people who are really busy. Or if you wanna give your cat more independance.

  13. twingo famemonster says:

    I wonder how much money she got paid perfect 75 times.

  14. shaunydude8881 says:

    I have this Product and My Cats Love IT

  15. Petirep says:

    all cats are female. Just how all dogs are male.

  16. MsRetire10 says:

    Miss Roe would love this!!

  17. BeatlesandWebkinz says:

    They groom with their tongues… You don’t need this unless you have a long haired cat. It’s actually better to groom the cat yourself.Cat’s don’t shed like that.

  18. BeatlesandWebkinz says:

    My cat always licked himself clean and he has never had a hairball.

  19. UnicornFire10 says:

    The orange cat looked like my cat Orangy

  20. DeoxysDNA says:

    I don’t get why when they’re selling something to cats they always refer to the cat as “her” as if people don’t own male cats.

  21. 42underscored says:

    All cats are female. No male creature can be so finicky

  22. Dana Galindo says:

    Hello I don’t just have FEMALE cats!!!!’

  23. supimdanii says:

    it looks like the pipe cleaner i use to clean my hookah with.

  24. jullia205 says:

    Yes because if you have a cat you don’t have cat nip…

  25. Julia Wood says:

    How do you clean it?

  26. MissKitty says:

    I have 3 cats. Two barn cats and one indoor. My orange cat has a thick coat and he DOES shed like that. I brush all cats…they love it and love the attention. My barn cats don’t seem to have hairballs, but my indoor cats does. At least once a week she coughs up a huge hairball. I tried everything to stop the hairballs, but she has lived with then for 13 years and she is doing fine. If I every see Purrfect Arch on clearance at CVS, I might just buy it for the catnip base. All three love their catnip.

  27. Janet says:

    My oldest cat, a tom, was crazy about it before I even got it unpacked. He had the brush wrapped around his stomach and was pawing at the carpet within seconds! He doesn’t even need it put together. He was so happy to get it. My other two are very interested in it but are not quite sure how to operate it yet.

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