Quit It As Seen On TV Commercial



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62 comments on “Quit It As Seen On TV Commercial
  1. Madison Williams says:

    That terrible!!!

  2. CuteBunny224 says:

    Poor doggis :(

  3. Ailuro the cat says:

    I can see it working on cats but my dog wouldn’t care less if he heard a small hiss

  4. Ramindu Fernando says:

    boob off

  5. Richiezhang880 says:

    Is it just compressed air or chemicals

  6. softballgal2013 says:

    your just rude

  7. katemarie6 says:

    u can see at 0:26 that it is air so your actually just spraying compressed air on your pet to scare them and make them stop.. so

  8. Katie Pham says:


  9. fluffcookie123 says:

    Just get a spray bottle at wal-mart for a dollar.

  10. Alicia Stanton says:

    This thing sounds mean to pets :/

  11. skullfreak102 says:

    This actually works but I use the dust off cans

  12. dollarturbo says:

    Omg that veterinarian is so creepy

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