R2L Radiation Buster Commercial And Review



The As Seen On TV Blog’s take on the R2L Radiation Buster:

It’s a proven fact that all cellphones emit radiation. For now, the FCC believes that all current cellphones meet its standards for radiation safety.

However, what no one truly knows is how safe cellphone radiation will be in the long term. Will we all end up with brain tumors or some crazy cancer?

The Radiation 2 Light Buster claims to minimize your exposure to harmful radiation by capturing some of it and converting it to light.

All you have to do peel it off the sticker board it comes on and place it on the back of your phone. The R2L Radiation Buster will then convert radiation surrounding your phone into visible light.

Does the R2L Radiation Buster really work? By all means, yes it does. The L.E.D. blinking light has no other source of energy apart from the radiation from your phone.

Will the R2L Radiation Buster minimize your risk of cellphone radiation? Yes, it will use up quite a bit of radiation thereby lowering your exposure.

Overall, we liked the R2L Radiation Buster. It was very easy to use and does a good job limiting your exposure to cellphone radiation. (Now whether cellphone radiation is true hazard is yet to be definitively proven!)

If you are looking for a good cellphone radiation shield, then the R2L Radiation Buster is definitely for you!

What are YOUR thoughts about the Radiation 2 Light Buster? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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39 comments on “R2L Radiation Buster Commercial And Review
  1. Aver s says:

    but i LOVE the radiation!

  2. NoWhereman4444 says:

    But radiation gives people superpowers!

  3. PixarFan8080 says:

    Who would wants this as a gift? There can’t be that much radiation…

  4. utubeb14 says:

    bling bling

  5. Exarian says:

    “It turns radiation into light!”isn’t light ALSO radiation?

  6. simlover00 says:

    what a waste of money

  7. RapandRocker says:

    Wow looks totally real o.O

  8. nintendoatarikiller says:

    It’s a waste of money but if you want a blinking LED on your phone, buy this.

  9. meroxyersox says:

    Rocks emit small amount of radiation and no one really knows the long term effects of it yet. You COULD just wait and see what happens, or you can dramatically reduce your exposure to it with NEW LEAD SHOES. REDUCES RADIATION BY UP TO %100!!!!!! They also light up.

  10. anniemossct says:

    woah!!! reminds me of the rediation buster stickers from the 1990’s

  11. camaroman101 says:

    and where exactly can i buy a pair of these fantastic, cancer stopping shoes? give me a phone number and i’ll give you my credit card info, and i dont mind paying extra for handling

  12. MrBoo88 says:

    Radiation is everywhere. Heck we humans emit radiation.

  13. medpack says:

    You can buy these lights for you phone for like 1 buck in any phonstore, i used to have em when i was 12 or something lol. And did you know your partner also emits radiation! Have them incased in lead today to solve that pesky problem, enjoy their company safely!

  14. twingo famemonster says:

    I don’t want to touch my phone now.

  15. joebro360 says:


  16. azzaz691 says:

    Every. fucking. thing. is Radioactive on this planet….

  17. azzaz691 says:

    You get more radiation form sitting outside than you do from your phone. You can’t hide from it, it’ll be every for as long as the sun allows earth to be here. In fact, if you live in Colorado, you’re getting more than someone anywhere else in the states.

  18. Faizan Khalifa says:

    Im watching this on the phone he is using


    Yes, but light doesn’t kill you


    There are different kinds of radiation. Cellphone radiation is comparable to that generated by a microwave. If you think you can cook your brain every day with your cellphone and not develop memory problems, alzheimer’s or brain tumors, go right ahead. But I’m going to get an R2L and protect myself.


    Wow, are you a real “know it all”? I’m suddenly very hot… “NOT!”


    Hmmmmm. Would you put your head in a microwave to prove your point? I didn’t think so.


    what a great name, “medpack”… and so darn smart! I really DO love a man who knows everything like you!


    A gold coin is “money”, and so is a “penny”. According to your logic then, a penny is the same as a gold coin. Light and cellphone radiation are both forms of radiation, but ordinary light doesn’t cook your brains like a microwave oven. Phones DO, because phones and microwaves are in fact the same KIND of radiation.

  25. Exarian says:

    Light and microwaves are the exact same kind of radiation. electromagnetic radiation. the only difference is the frequency. Would you like to take a guess which one is more energetic?You very much can cook something with light if you have it intense enough and focused enough. A microwave oven operates on that principle.The thing is, just like you can’t burn something with a little pocket flashlight’s light bulb, you can’t burn anything with the microwave emission from a cell phone.

  26. Exarian says:

    Would you put your head in a high intensity spotlight to prove the same point?


    Ah, a “slight-of-hand” artist! I said a light wouldn’t cook your brain like a microwave–and rather than admit that made sense, you turned “light” into “high-intensity light”. Good try, but save the verbal gymnastics for school. The point stands. An ORDINARY light or a low intensity light like the one on the R2L emits harmless light. If you still resist common sense and want to demonstrate YOUR point, put your head in a microwave on “low”.

  28. flylikeabeetv says:

    I feel bad for the epileptic that happens to be in the room.

  29. Exarian says:

    the fact that you called “light” and “high-intensity light” two different things and how that relates to other forms of EM radiation shows me you don’t understand the matter enough to warrant rebuttal. You’ve made it perfectly clear to everyone reading this that you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m done talking to you now.


    You may be the most nauseating know-it-all of all time… You’re that kid in school who never had any friends because it was more important to win a semantics fight rather than to understand what other people are saying. You make the ridiculous statement that “light” and “high intensity light” are the same thing (like a 6th grader argues that “too” and “two” are the same thing)! Good… Please head off to a Popular Mechanics blog somewhere and bore everyone there with your 6th grade acumen. Bye!

  31. Bangcat says:

    more handy simply for being a cool lil fun light up thing. But either A there will be a cheaper knock off that comes along that’s just as good or B they start including similar bits into the battery covers and the likes in actual phones if it’s found to be a selling point sooner than later.I’d maybe pay ten bucks for a couple strips, not double that like they’re asking.

  32. James Lubinski says:


  33. Isaac Clarke says:

    I…dont really care xD i’ll get more radiation risk going to the beach LOL!

  34. Marion Freeman says:

    Yes! Block away that evil radiation the wavelength of which is too large to damage your cell structure anyway!

  35. JustinHEMI05 says:

    There’s a sucker born every minute.

  36. JustinHEMI05 says:

    There’s a sucker born every minute.

  37. loneshewolf74 says:

    NO!!! My only comfort was the thought that stupid, moronic phone junkies would eventually get brain tumors and DIE because their oh-so precious toys they yap into everywhere they go give off dangerous amounts of radiation! D=

  38. DuoSigma says:


  39. sherry oglesby says:

    my r2l wont work the light does not light up i need a number to callthe company

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