Rocket Tops As Seen On TV Commercial



Excerpts from the official Rocket Tops website…

Rocket Tops, the amazing new toy that is sweeping the nation. Kids stack ’em, toss ’em, launch ’em. They have to have them! Get yours today.

5 Stackable Tops
Amazing Motorized Launcher
In-Flight Booster
Battle Arena

By ordering today, you’ll receive the Rocket Tops set, including a full set of 5 tops, 1 Arena, 1 Launcher, 1 In Flight Booster – all for just $14.99 plus $6.99 S&H.

This offer is covered by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee less S&H.
Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA and NJ.

For customer service please call 877-833-7685. To check the status of your order, please click here.

By clicking the Order Now button you are placing a live order and agreeing to the terms of our 30 day money back guarantee and our arbitration agreement.

Must be 18 years or older to order.

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14 comments on “Rocket Tops As Seen On TV Commercial
  1. Kimberly Tampusari says:


  2. battlemanish says:

    I BITCH! \/

  3. puper15 says:

    On my Rape/Kill list

  4. Amanda Bearto says:

    These ar cool.

  5. Amanda Bearto says:


  6. utubeb14 says:

    I had these as a kid

  7. moviepimpdj says:

    stoner toy

  8. zebra2791 says:

    these dang things have been around for freaking ever

  9. Carlos Aguilar says:

    Those boys could play with them for hours, but those girls… 5 minutes tops and then back to Facebook and texting.

  10. MrBlackGyver says:

    Those girls are obviously much wiser.

  11. h36564 says:

    or just a blay blade

  12. PixarFan8080 says:

    Tops… really?

  13. FrozenxXxRiver says:

    Bey blade…

  14. annoyingterry99 says:


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