Roto Punch Official Commercial As Seen On TV



What are YOUR thoughts about Roto Punch? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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8 comments on “Roto Punch Official Commercial As Seen On TV
  1. simlover00 says:

    now this is something worth buying

  2. ricey0013 says:

    Something worth buying

  3. tonyantonio2 says:

    Actually looks good!

  4. exiledbanana says:

    thats a pretty old, regular tool, isnt it?

  5. jumpstyleftw says:

    It’s really old

  6. Isaac Clarke says:


  7. LordTirion says:

    I give up, why is this in the Products for the Kitchen playlist?

  8. Sapemies58 says:

    That’s just a regular leather punch….

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