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The RotoShave is a 9 bladed high speed electric wet razor that claims to shave closer, safer, faster, and smoother than any other razor on the market. It is currently being offered in an economical 30 day trial, and includes the razor, 2 replacement cartridges, personal grooming kit, instructional DVD, and travel case.

RotoShave Benefits

  • Combines the ease of use and convenience of an electric razor with the closeness and efficiency of a razor blade.

  • The patented safety guards virtually eliminate cuts.

  • Save time by being able to use the RotoShave in the shower.

  • Does the RotoShave really work?

    Based on extensive research, the Rotoshave works as advertised as long as the instructions that are provided in the DVD are followed. (Be sure to avoid shaving creams and gels that contain silicone as this will damage your razor.)

    RotoShave Complaints

    Like many popular products that are sold off of TV, the RotoShaver has had some complaints. Most of these center on some customers not feeling that the shaver worked as well for them as was advertised. Fortunately, the product has 30 day trail period in which one can send back the product if not satisfied.

    RotoShave Customer Praise

    “The Rotoshave is unmatched and excellent and safe. Being legally blind this is the safest and closest way to shave. It is also fast, easy to use, and easy to clean. The blades are easy to change. The Rotoshave is truly unmatched and the best shave I’ve ever had.”

    – W Goodson

    “This is a great razor. I have been using this razor for over a month. It is very low maintenance. Overall, I am very satisfied with this product.”

    – N Meiss

    “I am absolutely amazed at how well the Rotoshave works. In my personal experience the Rotoshave shaves better then a straight razor and I have tried probably 10 different kinds of electric razors in the past as well.”

    – R Beckett

    RotoShave Warranty Information

    The RotoShave itself is backed by a 60 day manufacturer’s warranty and will repair or replace any unit that is shown to be defective. The shaver also has a 30 day money back guarantee, (minus shipping and handling.)

    Click here to buy the RotoShave

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