Saf-T-Bait Commercial As Seen On TV



Excerpts from the Saf-T-Bait website…

Cast Longer and Farther Without Losing Your Bait!
There’s nothing more frustrating for a fisherman than watching bait fly off your hook in the middle of a cast. Bait is expensive! And every minute wasted on having to re-bait a hook is a minute you could be spending reeling in a fish! With SAF-T-BAIT , you’ll never have to worry about losing bait during a cast again, and you’ll be placing your casts exactly where you want them – every time. Load your bait into the bait bunker, where it’s fully protected during a cast, and the added weight allows you to cast further and more accurately too! Plus, with your bait fully encased in SAF-T-BAIT , no more accidentally hooking yourself or a fishin’ buddy during a cast either!

Offer Details: Get a full set of three SAF-T-BAITS, along with six glow sticks for only $14.95 plus $6.95 for processing and handling and right now we’ll double the offer FREE! You just pay an additional $6.95 for processing and handling. That’s six SAF-T-BAITS and twelve glow sticks in total!

Taxes May Apply, Ships in 10-12 days.
Available to residents in Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

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8 comments on “Saf-T-Bait Commercial As Seen On TV
  1. spiderman4112003 says:

    how often does this actually happen?

  2. trololomosher says:

    “Presentation the the fish” lol but yay Marc Gill

  3. KopyWut says:

    Yeah and a splash twenty times as large as it needs to be scaring the everloving Jesus out of the surrounding fish.

  4. EDDIE DA ABU MAN says:

    Gotta get some for my daughter when she fishes with shiners

  5. PixarFan8080 says:

    Marc Gill is Sooooo annoying!

  6. Swamp Ape says:

    I have this and cannot believe how excellent this product is. It really works ladies and gentleman I caught 12 catfish and a bass with this in 4 hours.

  7. MCTeck says:

    saf-t- bait makes everyone a master baiter

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