Salon Bronze Lets You Reach Where You Need To Tan!



Here is an excerpt from the official Salon Bronze Reach website…

Salon Bronze™ is the airbrush tanning system that gives you a safe, gorgeous tan! Tanning at home has never been easier! Get a safe, gorgeous tan anytime you want. Salon Bronze™is clinically proven to give you a more natural tan than the leading brands! Order yours today.

Order Salon Bronze Reach with 4 face towels for just $14.99 plus $6.99 S&H! PLUS, we’ll DOUBLE your offer and include a second Salon Bronze Reach and 4 additional face towels for ONLY an additional $6.99 S&H!
This offer is covered by our 30- Day Money Back Guarantee less S&H. Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA and NJ. For customer service please call 877-833-7685. To check the status of your order, please click here. By clicking the Order Now button you are placing a live order and agreeing to the terms of our 30 day money back guarantee and our arbitration agreement.

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13 comments on “Salon Bronze Lets You Reach Where You Need To Tan!
  1. battlemanish says:

    does go off if you shower?

  2. Oscar Su says:

    i dont think they understand what “natural color” is

  3. randomsubscriber100 says:

    It’s funny because they keep putting on the Tanner on here arms and not their face when they have a tanned face

  4. simlover00 says:

    funny how they say it makes them look younger when most of those woman look they just got out of a nutella bath

  5. TanjaTheCutest says:

    Uuuuugly …

  6. HTFsplendid says:

    the male viewers hate this commercial because of how they censored that woman’s boobies

  7. Angela Lindner says:

    They looked much better before they use it :/

  8. Madison Lynne says:

    Nutella , So Your Tellin Me. That “Nutella” Is My NATURAL Color ?

  9. ThoseTwoEms says:

    I hate tans.

  10. alimartinezluvsjb says:


  11. 0HAMI says:

    wtf how dark they are. looks awful

  12. heres lindsey says:

    @:33 That’s just unrealistic and ugly. Blahh.

  13. leahcherni says:

    ‘Kissed by the sun’? More like smacked in the face by it.

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