Samurai Pro Commercial



Use Samurai Pro to sharpen your knives, shears and cutting tools like new in seconds!

Sharp knives make great meals. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just lock it down, draw the blade back, and cut!

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85 comments on “Samurai Pro Commercial
  1. [..YouTube..] he picked the knife up and sharpened it then sat it next to the other tomatoe dumbass learn how to pay attention it might save ur life in da future

  2. darkcarnivalwizard1 says:

    he picked the knife up and sharpened it then sat it next to the other tomatoe dumbass learn how to pay attention it might save ur life in da future

  3. MrMikeyLawrence says:

    his arms.. mmmm…

  4. aaktow says:

    if he was a real chef then he would not use this crap knife wrecker,, it grinds metal off your knife.. he is full of shit if he think you can sharpen your knife in three pulls through that devise.. don’t wast your money folks

  5. Jesse Hajek says:

    Agreed, as a bladsmith I visibly cringe every time I see one of these ‘knife sharpeners’. If there’s so much as a single pit on the edge of your knife it’ll grow to a large gouge all the way along the length of your knife with these things.

  6. SATANZMOM12300974 says:

    My scisors can finally be lethal >:D

  7. katie95612 says:

    It doesnt work

  8. yumerch says:

    if you hung it upside down…what if it fell?

  9. angel89legna says:

    will it sharpen my 7-feet katana?

  10. BlargGargle says:

    He’s a real chef, but I think this thing is just a cash-in.

  11. Matt2779 says:

    Robert Irvine is a piece of shit! He lied about being The Queens personal chef!!!

  12. iraesependejo says:

    okay irvine, give it up, how much did they pay you to advertise this piece of shit?

  13. Anjani Gusman says:

    it’s fake, after he cut the tomato the knife was beside the tomato but when he was trying to twist the samurai pro the knife is near to the device

  14. vuffe0 says:

    Can it sharpen enough to murder?

  15. angelineyong7 says:

    upside down? lol why

  16. Legato M says:

    Must sharpen my wakizashi.

  17. antieye555 says:

    Vertical and horizontal should be reversed

  18. allogicid says:

    1:02 Upside down? So the woman in the red shirt is standing upside down too?

  19. Pinkie Pie says:

    Can it sharpen my soon-to-be murder weapon?

  20. Dave B. says:

    robert roidvine

  21. flora2378 says:

    learn your spelling :l

  22. aaktow says:

    go fuck yourself you fucking asian,

  23. bionicleman051 says:

    Go fuck yourself you fucking racist.

  24. aaktow says:

    big words from a pommy cunt.. you are a little dickhead.. fuck the queen and all of england,,

  25. bionicleman051 says:

    I’m not from England.

  26. aaktow says:

    United Kingdom , still a shithole little boy

  27. bionicleman051 says:

    Well yes the weather is quite fucking shit over here. So I’ll agree with you on that one.

  28. ElectrifyTheNight says:

    Miracle Blade stays sharp for life

  29. TroyanBerry says:

    who the fuck cuts a turkey with scissors?!

  30. Sham Wow says:

    40 dollars for free?Nice try

  31. Julius Lo says:


  32. LordTirion says:

    Maybe you forgot to sharpen your machete before letting in that couple whose car failed in the middle of the road during a thunderstorm?

  33. Julius Lo says:

    well when you put it that way. then ya every now and then :P

  34. Dilly Vue says:

    can you sharp a axe?

  35. Jennie Puth says:

    Is it weird that I am utterly turned out by how that knife cuts the veggies so nicely?

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