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Today we give our honest 30 second review of the Scoop-It. The Scoop-It is a handy device that allows one to scoop up food or other objects without having to touch them. The Scoop-It comes with both a sweeping and a catching piece. This offer currently comes with a value added offer of a second Scoop-It as well as a 4 in 1 Nokes knife.

Scoop-It Pros

  • The ergonomic design and beveled edge make picking up all types of items a breeze!

  • The BPA free plastic and the ability to wash it in the dishwasher makes it a safe choice for you and your family.

  • The Scoop-It works equally well for right or left handers. (I’m so glad someone actually thought about this!)

  • Scoop-It Cons

  • Although the regular size worked fine for most uses, a larger Scoop-It would be well used in my household.

  • If you decline the value added offer you only get one Scoop-It and will miss out on having one for food and one for messes like we did.

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    266 comments on “Scoop-It Review
    1. metalangel12311 says:

      Or you could, you know, pickup the cutting board and tilt it towards the pan or bowl. Surely that’s not too hard to do? Oh wait, this was made by the same lazy people who made ‘Happy hotdog man’. Nevermind.

    2. ceox123 says:

      “Nothing’s worse than garlic” I wouldn’t want dog shit on my hands though. :3

    3. Thane Olausen says:

      It’s perfect for scooping dog shit. Don’t need to waste money on plastic bags.

    4. Shamuluva0328 says:

      Mine is more like 20th so I have less of a life.

    5. Brian Kennedy says:

      Pretty sure cancer is worse than garlic, so…

    6. Anna Nguyen says:


    7. violet wolf says:

      Up until now, I’ve been throwing my freshly tossed salads and steaming pastas all over the fucking kitchen! It seemed like everytime I tried to move food, it would fly across the room. I also used to scoop boiling water into pans and throw hot food onto plates with my bare hands! But not anymore thanks to Scoop It! Thank you Scoop It!

    8. MsMysticalMegan says:

      i’m laughing a ridiculous amount now xD

    9. ultimatereward says:

      SKEWP IT

    10. AvadaPresidentSnow says:

      or just get a silicone chopping board

    11. SadisticIgnorance says:

      this isn’t a fucking race. you don’t have to pick up every goddamn piece of food in one go

    12. Jenn Kivisto says:

      “Your hands never touch the food!”.. How the hell does it get cut up in the first place?

    13. LaurenAwesomesauce1 says:

      Most people I know use a spatula or fork to get hot food off of pans when they come out of the oven

    14. SeqZZ says:

      Sounds like she’s saying stupid

    15. frank rust says:

      You WOULDN’T BELIEVE THE 10 WEEK tantrum I threw to get this. (NOT)

    16. Cobraqueen75 says:

      Who picks up hot food with their hands?

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