Seat Pets Makes Buckling Up Fun!



Seat Pets are a fun and comfortable way to get your kids to buckle up their seatbelts. Seat Pets easily attach to any vehicle’s seatbelt with its easy to use straps in the back. Seat Pets come with handy pockets for little ones to keep snacks, travel toys, and hidden treasures.

Chose your child’s favorite Seat Pets when ordering. You can choose from Love Bug the ladybug, Bentley the dog, Lincoln the lion, Mercedes the cat, Malibu the monkey, Yukon the cow, or Edsel the monster.

What are YOUR thoughts about Seat Pets? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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95 comments on “Seat Pets Makes Buckling Up Fun!
  1. Xkrisar says:

    The song kinda reminded me of Bad Seed from mlp

  2. Aperson1990 says:

    Holy shit no one is holding the wheel!

  3. Kar Nay says:

    Gee, I’d love to put my necklaces in an animal’s crotch. XD

  4. storyofagirl1224 says:

    They cat wait to RIDE ad PLAY WITH YOU

  5. storyofagirl1224 says:

    They cant wait to RIDE AND PLAY WITH YOU! Omg seriously

  6. Troy Fitzgerald says:

    I wonder how they come up with this stupid stuff.

  7. Alice Nine says:

    @0:29 what 7 year old has a iphone?

  8. Kevin Muniz says:

    I bet they only like that because there’s an animal paintet

  9. donnythefreak05 says:

    My sid

  10. donnythefreak05 says:

    My sister got seat pets and the whole time there she ask are we there yet

  11. donnythefreak05 says:

    Stupid not true

  12. cmusic Embassor says:

    Nice try, Seat Pets marketing office.

  13. Shaun Yap says:

    “Secret spots”…wonder what treasures are in there? lol

  14. itsQUEENbonita says:

    I am 8years old and I use the IPad

  15. AceOfSpadesProduc100 says:

    Are we there yet? Whirriegoin’? Seat pets, set pets, snuggle up and laugh out loud!

  16. Richard Wallace says:

    my sis made up this seat pets seat pets buckle up and shut up lol ok duh

  17. Barron Collazo says:

    Am I the only on when hearing this song the background tune reminds you of Manfred Mann – Do Wah Diddy Diddy

  18. alexbear670 says:

    0:50-0:53 ok those kids need bigger booster seats.

  19. Philip Ton says:

    Those look so cute

  20. Philip Ton says:

    The monster seat pets look ugly

  21. snoozinginsomniac says:

    I could actually see this being useful as a seatbelt-pillow, especially if you take long trips often.

  22. MMMStudios1000 says:

    Yeah right, I bet anybody’s kid will get board with that thing and toss it after 10 minutes of driving.

  23. KittyKax says:

    If a boy that age was seen dropped off at school with that thing strapped on them, they’d be ridiculed for the rest of their life.

  24. Mouthof Sauron says:

    place it in seat pets secret spot ;)

  25. bexstar14rf says:

    Kittykax it doesnt matter if people make fun of someone. They shouldnt care what others say, you just do what u want 2 do. (and no rolling ur eyes cause u no im right).

  26. chairmanwario says:

    Modern parents will do ANYTHING to shut their kids up, even if it means buying a dang giant tiddy bear for 20 bucks.

  27. Bella Phoenix says:

    I wish I had those when I was a kid

  28. Sue x says:

    What a rip off the product is $18.95 Each and to ship to Canada is $28.95….Yeah we’re not that stupid

  29. deathox456 says:

    This is fucking retarted my kids would never want this gayfuck shit

  30. Sitizen Kane says:

    watch out. karma could come around and your kids may end up gay. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that.

  31. TheBlueeyedammtz says:

    the kids act so fake

  32. TheBlueeyedammtz says:

    are we there yet ? shut the fuck up !

  33. Regan Daniels says:

    Holy cow one of those girls was way to big to be in a booster seat

  34. ParaSky100 says:

    Great, oversized tiddy bears for the kids.

  35. Daisy Aquino says:

    Kittkax your right I saw in the morning when I went to school a 11 year old was with that shit and when he got of his freinds where making fun fuckin stupid shit!!

  36. Daisy Aquino says:

    This crap is for babies

  37. herobrine mc says:

    i got a seat pet

  38. Barry zellner says:

    Its just going to shove fabric in to your face

  39. PumpkinsAmongUs says:

    Reminds me of the Titty Bear

  40. boss aiden says:

    0:06 thats creepy 0_0

  41. Madeline Snyder says:

    The beginning was creepy

  42. Shicky Twohundredfiftysix says:

    1:25 : Nobody wants to be friends with that kid. NOBODY.

  43. DDodson23ryan says:

    What the fuck this 5th lookin nits have car seats wtf

  44. DDodson23ryan says:

    5th grade looking nigs damn auto correct

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