Seat Pets Makes Buckling Up Fun!



Seat Pets are a fun and comfortable way to get your kids to buckle up their seatbelts. Seat Pets easily attach to any vehicle’s seatbelt with its easy to use straps in the back. Seat Pets come with handy pockets for little ones to keep snacks, travel toys, and hidden treasures.

Chose your child’s favorite Seat Pets when ordering. You can choose from Love Bug the ladybug, Bentley the dog, Lincoln the lion, Mercedes the cat, Malibu the monkey, Yukon the cow, or Edsel the monster.

What are YOUR thoughts about Seat Pets? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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95 comments on “Seat Pets Makes Buckling Up Fun!
  1. Cosmonaut989 says:

    This will never not make kids ask “are we there yet?”

  2. Tamara Laird says:

    wait, how old are these kids? 18?

  3. itzurgirlmo says:

    Please. Kids will ALWAYS ask “Are we there yet?”.

  4. Psergiorivera says:

    Is this over yet? Is this shit for real?

  5. Kevin Hundley says:

    These kids are way too old for these.

  6. buddygz04 says:

    Worst commercial ever.

  7. awildmewFromROBLOX says:

    OK Commercial! 1:33 ARE WE THERE YET?

  8. patrick higgins says:

    wow that was bad and wouldnt you like to tell them that go onto right now and write a review LOL

  9. KenaCatStudios says:

    Seat pets, seat pets, buckle up and shut up!

  10. William Witkowski says:

    tried to order four times every time I enter my credit card number. the submit button disapears. site says customized for firefox/moxzilla. but when I called. naturally and indian person you can’t understand with the dialic. tells me I must have explorer to order it. now that really makes sense. I gave up their loss I wanted to order three of them. but with this kind of hassle who wants it. I don’t like and don’t want to go to explorer. they need to fix this . am I angry. yes I am. Mr Witkowski

  11. Avery Nissen says:

    nobody’s going to buy it

  12. BronyNumber4096 says:

    ARE WE THERE YET???”That’s 1 question you’ll never get when kids ride with Seat Pets!”Why? Do Seat Pets come with duct tape to stick over kids’ mouths?

  13. GloomiSundai says:

    I’m 19, and I actually want one of those haha :D

  14. WorldofEandA says:

    So fake children wont be calm and act like that ……. Fake crap

  15. SpiderTash says:

    So wait, part of the commercial says and shows the kids carrying it with the backpack strap, and yet at the end, they make it seem like you are getting a bonus by including the backpack strap free?that was the one thing i thought was stupid about this commercial that i didn’t see anyone else address yet.

  16. thelpslover2020 says:


  17. Michael Quirion says:

    shut up bitch head

  18. Michael Quirion says:

    shut it

  19. Michael Quirion says:

    f u

  20. Michael Quirion says:

    f nu

  21. minecraft20 says:

    The beginning of this was the most horrifying thing I have ever watched in my entire life.

  22. minecraft20 says:

    Look at the idiotic little kid, look at it and laugh!

  23. Michael Quirion says:

    shut up

  24. Michael Quirion says:

    SHUT UP1

  25. gta5forlife says:

    The intro looks like it’s off of The Wiggles! O_o LOL!

  26. gta5forlife says:


  27. Michael Quirion says:

    no you do it :)

  28. minecraft20 says:

    Stop being a pussy and grow the fuck up.

  29. minecraft20 says:

    You’re a fucking 6-year-old

  30. gta5forlife says:


  31. Gretta Marie says:

    I like the tune of the commercial,, it’s catchy

  32. shing kray says:

    Yeah right,give it a week and the kids WILL be asking “are we there yet?”

  33. shing kray says:

    Dumbest shit they made

  34. Stan Kornacki says:

    Why would they make this crap

  35. jcarranza209 says:

    Im fuckin gay and i want all of them

  36. smaykoontz says:

    Seat pets, seat pets buckle up and SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

  37. jklewis29 says:

    Are we there yet?! Never hear this question again…if y’all don’t stop lying!!! Smh

  38. jklewis29 says:

    Ian: its actually a good ideal for older kids. Baby/toddler can fall asleep and not suffer from crooks in the neck. My 5yo always complain of neck pain when she dozes in d car.

  39. smaykoontz says:

    who the hell would buy this this is for stupid little kids who whine “are we there yet?I’m 12 years old and don’t whine over anything

  40. indya harrington says:


  41. kittykat340251 says:

    this is making middle school-almost high school kids- look like they need a stuffed animal in order to ride in a car…… totally realistic

  42. kittykat340251 says:

    so true, idk y they used 13 year olds

  43. kittykat340251 says:

    even my 4 year old niece wouldn’t use this, and dora is her favorite show!

  44. mroutt2 says:

    Ok if its called “seat pets” thaen why does it say to go to bed with it i hate this commircial just gag me with a spoon

  45. mroutt2 says:

    Seat pets seat pets snugle up and fuck your self

  46. Amalia Meilita says:


  47. Blake Geometrio says:

    What a horrible commercial, it’s almost comical!

  48. Ashfurable says:

    LOL, a stuffed animal instantly makes kids not bored on a long car ride.

  49. Lavenderrose73 says:

    Oh, that’s cute! Much better than that “Tiddy Bear” thing! Lol

  50. MrPakman14 says:

    lol i like how at 00:59 someones holding the seat pet

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