Shimmer Glitter Tattoos Review And Commercial

The Product: Shimmer Glitter Tattoos

The Claim: Create Your Own Personal Body Art!

The Price: $14.99 + S&H

ASOTV Blog Rating:
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Shimmer Glitter Tattoos are a preteen girl’s dream come true! It combines shiny glitter, cool designs, and fun stencils that make creating body art a ton of fun!

The basic set comes with 10 small stencils, 2 large stencils, 4 colors of glitter, 2 brushes, and a container of glue for $14.99 + S&H.

There is also a deluxe set available that comes with 28 small stencils, 12 large stencils, 12 colors of glitter, 2 glue sticks, and 2 brushes for $39.99 + S&H.

Using Shimmer Glitter Tattoos is a fairly straight forward process. You begin by placing the stencil where the person wants their tattoo. Next, rub the glue stick over the inside of the stencil. Now, just brush on the desired color or colors of glitter and your fancy, shiny, tattoo is ready to wear!

When we tested Shimmer Glitter Tattoos we found it to work as advertised. We definitely recommend applying the glue very carefully over the stencil otherwise the finished body art will look muddled and fuzzy. (It also seems to take a bit of practice!)

The biggest downside to using Shimmer Glitter Tattoos is the mess! The glitter being brushed off tends to get everywhere. (However, we discovered that you can work a bit cleaner by holding a sheet of paper under the stencil as you apply it and then funnel the remainder back to the glitter container.

Overall, we found Shimmer Glitter Tattoos to be a fun product if it is properly supervised and would recommend purchasing it. We decided to rate it 3 out of 5 stars however, as the mess created could be a deal breaker for those who value neatness.

What are YOUR thoughts on Shimmer Glitter Tattoos? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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27 comments on “Shimmer Glitter Tattoos Review And Commercial
  1. KopyWut says:

    ….And glitter will be EVERYWHERE…

  2. FuDgEBuBbLeZ says:

    This channel really does not get enough viewers..

  3. Ayeisha Sapphire Tomamao says:

    Sounds like fun

  4. ifad69 says:

    OOOOH that paper will hurt! Me want!

  5. nintendoatarikiller says:


  6. dinosandlpsgirl1 says:

    So basically, These are tattoos for little girls like those tattoos from a quarter machine.

  7. themusicmaker12345 says:

    its toxic

  8. Gordon Freeman says:

    I’m not a fucking cactus, I don’t need shimmer to hide as a human.

  9. SuperCrazyboy123 says:

    tramp stamps

  10. josewwl88 says:


  11. zubeidaa badri says:

    How do u really know it works before wastin ur money

  12. te-TeSo-pretty mitchell says:

    i want for christmas

  13. te-TeSo-pretty mitchell says:

    i want for christmas so good i love shimmer

  14. helencutelily says:

    i have some thing like this but its not shimmer. i got it as a new years gift :) i still want shimmer though.

  15. ECL28E says:

    Because boys can wear glitter to school and not get beat up

  16. Perry Lafleur says:

    Did anyone notices the girl with yellow teeth

  17. pichu263 says:

    I’m watching this for a homework sheet. lol.

  18. xxptownzladiixx says:


  19. nickieblue11ss says:

    So it lastes up to 7 days y not just say a week Common sense

  20. frumpy4 says:

    Saying 7 days seems longer than just 1 week

  21. IonicThunderstorm says:

    That is because 7 days sounds longer than 1 week, according to many companies.

  22. Hypocrit Jackel says:

    With this I’m gonna Shimmer©™ the fuck outta my genitals

  23. vickiha923 says:

    It is a wast of money. I tried it and I went swimming after and it did not stay on

  24. Martin Ortiz says:

    I have that i loved it

  25. Ava Makris says:

    I have this it works great

  26. jazzieebear says:

    i want it

  27. Ella Christman says:

    I have it

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