ShowStoppers As Seen On TV Review

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ShowStoppers As Seen On TV Review


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Do you experience discomfort in the workplace with your everyday attire? Wished your bra straps were concealed instead of revealed? Experiencing an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction? Then ShowStoppers is for you!

ShowStoppers is the perfect accessory to keep your fashion fastened. Now you can fix a revealing dress, close a shirt gap, conceal bra straps, create a perfect hem and more in just seconds. Just peel the double sided sticky tape, put in place, and go!

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ShowStoppers Pros

  • Most durable fashion tape on the market. The professional grade foam adhesive leaves no residue and lasts all day – up to 8 hours!

  • Keeps you feeling comfortable, confident, and classy.

  • Convenient size allows you to take it anywhere in case of a fashion emergency!

  • ShowStoppers Cons

  • Although the nude and black strips compliment most outfits, additional colors and even clear would make ShowStoppers even more useful.

  • ShowStoppers is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, less S&H.[/box]

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    5 comments on “ShowStoppers As Seen On TV Review
    1. cheetawolf says:

      [..YouTube..] …So it’s overpriced double-sided foam tape?

    2. cheetawolf says:

      …So it’s overpriced double-sided foam tape?

    3. puppy2509 says:

      WTF IS THIS!?

    4. Bunbun Bunny says:

      Da fuq

    5. lelechim says:

      I just use a safety pin

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