Sit Down Anywhere With The Pocket Chair!



Our thoughts on the Pocket Chair:

Where has the Pocket Chair been all of my life?

The Pocket Chair is one of those niche products that no one seems to realize they need until they see it. Almost everyone has lawn chairs or camping chairs somewhere around the house. But what happens when you are out and about and need a chair? Unless you are the super organized type, you will most likely have forgotten to bring a chair and will be out of luck.

The Pocket Chair’s beauty is it’s small size. It easily fits in purses, glove compartments, or even a cargo pocket in your pants!

My wife keeps one on her when we travel as our son hates standing in lines! All she has to do is open it up and he’s got a nice little place to take a seat until the line moves again!

On the down side, the Pocket Chair will not fit into a smaller pocket. (But seriously, if the Pocket Chair was any smaller most folks would not be able to sit on it!)

Overall, we really like the Pocket Chair. It solves a common problem in a novel way. Just like good As Seen On TV products should!

Excerpts from the official Pocket Chair website…

Introducing the Pocket Chair the convenient and compact chair that folds up and fits right in your pocket! Buy 1 Get 1 FREE – only $14.99!

Taxes may apply. Continental U.S., AK, GU, HI, PR, VI & Canadian orders only.
Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery. Allow an additional 2 weeks for delivery for orders outside the Continental U.S. Additional $10 P&H for delivery outside the Continental U.S.
Please allow 24-48 hours for customer service to have your information.
All products have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (Minus P&H).
Pocket Chair is a registered trademark of IdeaNation LLC. © 2011 IdeaNation Television Brands.

What are YOUR thoughts about the Pocket Chair? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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38 comments on “Sit Down Anywhere With The Pocket Chair!
  1. jumpstyleftw says:

    Only in America

  2. Alice Nine says:

    most americans asses are too big for the seat

  3. FenderChickKimmy711 says:

    That looks uncomfortably small!

  4. mrmrzoozila says:

    Jacksfilms made a better version

  5. zebra2791 says:

    you would only be able to fit the pocket chair in your pocket if your wearing mens pants

  6. TheLegend1245 says:

    What if you have a bigger ass then the chair???

  7. jumpstyleftw says:

    Thats why you get two, if you order NOOOWWW!!!!!

  8. Hobbert99 says:

    I came for a pocket pussy. I was disappointed.

  9. utubeb14 says:


  10. NoWhereman4444 says:

    It’s so small I think European asses would be too big for them as well.

  11. br0llyable says:


  12. br0llyable says:

    Yeah freedom, prosperity and world hegemony are very fattening.

  13. Kheerah912 says:

    Lol who brings those many chairs……… commercials…

  14. time903 says:

    Your in america!

  15. TheLegend1245 says:

    the chair is for little kids

  16. cutiegirl9109 says:


  17. ReduxAnalogy says:

    I don’t know whose pockets that will fit in. The I iphone 5 barely fits in normal pockets, and this is definitely bigger than a phone lol.

  18. Ian Cahn says:

    This pocket chair is a life saver 1:14…. First world problems…

  19. Sarcastix7 says:

    I can’t wait to have a pocket chair party. you’re all invited

  20. Tara Hollis says:

    0;08 -One man, nine chairs?

  21. BlazonParadox says:

    I mean, I’m lazy, but… Damn. Come on, man. Come on.

  22. Snowkitty Kouture says:

    It’s so small there’s no room to sit

  23. Snowkitty Kouture says:

    I’ve seen it for $5

  24. ekayd1 says:

    ” I can’t always take a seat with my pocket chair” if I’m 5

  25. ekayd1 says:

    Sorry meant can not cant

  26. mrpotatohead34 says:

    YEAH! wait what?

  27. Alice Nine says:

    gluttus maximus americus largeassmus for seatus.:D

  28. mrpotatohead34 says:


  29. CDA441 says:

    I need this

  30. Helyanwee says:

    they do not look very confortable…

  31. Poppy Alder says:

    I love how they make folding chairs look bad by making ONE MAN carry like five of them :0

  32. Wordlifematt says:

    Just to prove on inconvenient it is. I’m sure some people wouldn’t want to make trips to get chairs now.

  33. storyofagirl1224 says:

    Yup i really need a chair in my pocket

  34. Rango4U says:

    Why the hell was he carrying so many of them?!

  35. Mark Siispool says:

    There was mentioned, that you get second chair for FREE! They think about everyone. What a beautiful solution, isn’t it?

  36. Regan Daniels says:

    Pocket chair party…..?

  37. Carlos Blancas says:

    But most Americans surpass the 250lbs capacity..

  38. Scott Day says:


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