Sleggins Official Commercial as Seen On TV



Excerpts From The Official Sleggins Website:

Are you tired of trying to hide your belly fat, lumps, bumps and bulges? Well, now it’s time to get rid of those unsightly love handles, flat droopy butt or muffin top INSTANTLY!


The FASHION SLIMMING LEGGINS that make you appear at least two sizes smaller instantly, without diet or exercise!

The secret is in Sleggins patented 3 Zone Control Bands that slim and shape your body’s problem areas:
The abdominal Control Belt
Slims your waist flattening your tummy and eliminating love handles.
The Compression Control Bands
Smooth and slim your legs to help you get rid of those unsightly saddlebags.
The Support Rings
Lift and enhance your derriere, making you look fabulous!

Do you want proof that Sleggins works? How about Testimonials from some women that have used it:

“I love the way the Sleggins flatten my tummy and smooth all my thighs… It’s so flexible, it’s breathable, and it pulls you in. It makes you feel skinny”
“It hugs your body, you know… you feel good in it, you feel sexy when you are able to diminish that or bring that down, you feel so much more confident as a woman”
“All those areas… the big giant question marks that lurk on my hips, my stomach… they are gone!”

Wear Sleggins all day, every day! As Fashion Slimming Leggings or a discreet body shaper!

DreamBody is offering a Risk-Free Exchange Policy.
If you order your Sleggins by DreamBody and find you chose the wrong size, you can ship it back for FREE*.

*Call our customer service center for more details.

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8 comments on “Sleggins Official Commercial as Seen On TV
  1. spiderman4112003 says:

    Not-Pants 2.0

  2. battlemanish says:

    Look at dem photoshop asses!

  3. DarkPatro56 says:

    Another product from “Fooling yourself & others” line. You’re still as fat when you put that silly leggins on. How about when you have to go on a beach or to swimming pool or even taking this thing off when going sleep? You’re still with your true, ugly shape. Cheating won’t get you far. Face the music.

  4. simlover00 says:

    i really want someone to review this cuz i want to see how much this fails. i agree it might slim u a tiny bit but not to the extent that they are showing

  5. CandyGirls342 says:

    Flat droopy but

  6. Jonisha Thapa says:

    Hey YouTubers, have you heard about Ultra Slimming Formula? (look it up on google) You will discover the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Ultra Slimming Formula, you will discover how to lose weight quickly.

  7. Isaac Clarke says:

    Flat droop but?Flat droopy….but what??

  8. HarveyIsLoud says:

    $60 dollars puls shipping on two items…That’s cray cray!

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