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Whats shaky, chilly, and makes you silly? Its Slushy Magic! Its the super duper slushy maker thats frozen fun for everyone! The Slushy Magic is the latest As Seen On TV product thats making a splash across the airwaves! The Slushy Magic allows you make delicious slushes without ice cubes or blenders. (Thats right moms, that equals NO MESS!) You can relax while your child makes their own tasty treat in just under a minute.

The options for your slushy are limitless. You can use soda, lemonade, energy drinks, punch, yogurt, milk and syrups. You can even mix and match to make crazy combinations!

If you’re not creative with thinking up flavors, the Slushy Magic will come with a recipe guide, so you can have fun and tasty treats anytime. It also comes with a special spoon! Thats right, the Slushy Magic comes with a spoon because can create thick creamy delights that are too thick for a straw!

The Slushy Magic is extremely easy to use. (The secret is in the snowflake technology inside the special cubes.) Just pop the cubes in the freezer overnight, and they are ready to go. To make a slushy, place the cubes in the Slushy Magic cup, pour in your favorite drink, lock on the lid, and shake shake shake your way into a delicious treat! Once your done, clean up for the Slushy Magic is a breeze! (Just rinse your cubes in warm water and pop them back in the freezer. Thats right, they are reusable!)

All in all the Slushy Magic is an outstanding value that lives up to the hype of the commercial. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to try one out!

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91 comments on “Slushy Magic
  1. girguy101 says:

    [..YouTube..] IT’S SLUSHALICIOUS

  2. girguy101 says:


  3. grunmn says:

    [..YouTube..] exactly what I was thinking and why looked it up on youtube.

  4. grunmn says:

    exactly what I was thinking and why looked it up on youtube.

  5. DoFollow Forum says:

    Looking good. I think I might order this for the price you guys are giving it away.

  6. Zack says:

    I used it several times and the thing doesn’t seal right it kept leaking even before i shook it when i tilted it on its side it leaks around the lid where you screw it on then when you try to shake it you just got a big old mess then after you remove the freezer cubes your left with so little drink then it just looks like a slushy its still just a drink

  7. MrNeentendo says:

    Go back to :19 where it says “Pop in Slushy Shaker”. What does that abbreviate?

  8. cassenav says:

    hahahahaa BRAIN FREEZE

  9. cassenav says:


  10. JoeMan352 says:

    this doesnt work with diet soda

  11. cekayvideos says:

    the spoon sucks. the everything sucks.

  12. Superlaxboyswag says:

    Notice the man in the family i know what hand he uses to masturbate with

  13. Jerichorock21 says:

    Hit 1 alot. Sounds like fapper xD

  14. SceptilePower says:

    This Slushy Magic Commercial Has Latin Music

  15. ECGxNANO says:

    1:23 girl makes face before smiling

  16. alang717780 says:

    haha 0:39-0:40 ur supposed to put the tap on retard

  17. Ally Delacruz says:

    YEA RIGHT MESS FREE i bought one and it was all messy in my kitchen!!! the only thing i could tell yall {clean up your mess!!!

  18. TheBeautyofaBoy says:

    tf is vanilla pink

  19. PhantomPhan7 says:

    It doesn’t work. You shake it for like 10 minutes, and it’s still all liquid. Then when you take out the ice cubes from the cup, you hardly have any left.

  20. StickFiguresPro180 says:

    It didnt work for me..This commerical is just a scam to make ppl buy the product..

  21. bb0911 says:

    who the **** tries to blend ice cubes without the blender lid on anyways??



  23. alex says:

    awesome works every time great for the kids

  24. terrorist396 says:

    click nuber 3 on ur keyboard because when it says it doesn’t make a mess its because they didnt put the lid on.

  25. joanne furmack says:

    I bought this at our state fair and my kids were really excited,but that quickly turned to dissapointment when it never makes quite as thick a slushy as it does on TV or did in the demonstration!Even turned the temp down on our freezer thinking it wasn’t freezing the cubes cold enough.Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone have any suggestions?!?!

  26. admin says:

    When we use ours, we take turns shaking it so it gets slushed up thicker. Also, if it is still runny, throw everything back in the freezer for 15 minutes and shake some more.

  27. ilyandgabby101 says:

    I got mines at wal-mart.

  28. lyssrina says:

    does slushy magic really work? just wondering

  29. TheLafarouch says:


  30. Mia Shoemaker says:

    can i get a refun because that shitie thing did not work:(

  31. Mia Shoemaker says:

    can i get a refun because that thing did not work

  32. triggerhappy2469 says:

    wow!! da mom luvz dis stuff..makes me laff all da time

  33. Wukeywukey says:

    It’s slushalicous, sucka!

  34. MegaJotie says:

    It so happens I have a masters degree in snow flake technology.

  35. Silentmarksman1 says:

    snowflake science!!!!!joke of the century is that people buy this shit

  36. FrshChees91 says:

    dat’s dat snowflake science

  37. ak47m4a3 says:

    So, do I have to look like an idiot when I make a drink with it? LOL!!!

  38. DRKWxd says:

    0:52 Someone make a GIF of that

  39. TheCs143lover says:

    It actually does work! Got for Christmas this year and it works, not as much as they show it, but it works!

  40. FlyingWolfWings says:

    Snowflake technology. The unicorns approve.

  41. Pinki Msp says:

    ITS STUPID >.<

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