Smart Mop FAIL

I ran across this and had to share. At first I thought it was an edit to the commercial, but apparently Sully has a pretty wicked sense of humor! (I wonder how much money I could save per year?)

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38 comments on “Smart Mop FAIL
  1. Amun-Ra says:

    That’s almost as dumb as “You’re gonna love my nuts.”

  2. girly10az says:

    The original Shamwow… on a stick!

  3. Nicolas Rocker says:

    If the Janitor from Scrubs would promote this product I would definitely buy it!

  4. allthewayskyhigh2 says:

    i don’t think its that bad… i was expecting the mop to not work properly or something, looks like a great product.

  5. Guerrillablackdog says:

    fucking disgusting…

  6. Bob Smith says:

    Everything is better on a stick! Even ShamWow :D

  7. randomgurl427 says:


  8. dtbigbear1 says:

    but will it blend?

  9. maplegreendodo says:

    Thats awesome

  10. XxItsAlivexX says:


  11. RdzAlvaro says:

    dude it taste delicious

  12. pinkpersonwithice says:

    how tough can those times be where its necessary to mop up something and re-drink it?

  13. -=Raptor=- Indian says:

    Didn’t you guys know? He spilled Coke Cola as his example, WHO DOESN’T WANT IT AGAIN?

  14. Connor Simpson says:

    Q:”What do you do if you get a spill like this all over your kitchen floor”A:”Step back and wait for my serving wench to clean it up”

  15. herr schwarz says:

    Chug that shit

  16. dannynaylor352 says:

    sexist cunt

  17. patkaiclan says:

    i sill table all over my liquid

  18. Coralee Annibal says:

    i spilled floor all over my liquid :(

  19. imthetank3 says:

    addicted to failblog

  20. MovieCriticCinema says:

    little sexist bitch.

  21. anabikof says:

    only ten??? my god, i must be a fucking addict =/

  22. elsalvador223newyork says:

    I miss Billy Mays

  23. ares12790 says:

    that was going so well until he said “It’s ready to drink all over”

  24. Connor Simpson says:

    It’s a joke, wow some people…

  25. singularwave says:

    How can you have any pudding if you don’t drink your floor soda?

  26. thomaszeblob says:

    nobody’s commented on this for a year…

  27. carzrawesomeful says:

    Oh my crap.

  28. Mineav says:

    Maybe it if was liquid cocaine. Do they make that yet?

  29. TheAndrewj96 says:

    That’s because it hasn’t been accessible for a year.

  30. Green Lava says:

    Imagine having a guest over in your house and they spill their drink and your like “Never to worry! I’ll get my smart mop!” . And you mop it up and wring it back into their glass “Here you go :D”, the look on their face would be priceless.

  31. Pandy Monium says:

    Spilled water? No problem! Just mop, drain, and boom! Instant chocolate milk. And in these tough time’s, that’s a bargain!

  32. shakka219 says:


  33. PeroFromBotinec says:


  34. Ravish Malhotra says:

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  35. Izumo11 says:

    In the begining he said that you don’t have to touch the dirty water but somehow it’s okay to drink it?

  36. alonzo9772 says:

    Eww, right after he called it dirty water.

  37. mrryan12r says:

    In these tough times, you can’t afford to get sick from drinking shit off the floor!

  38. tigergreg8 says:

    I didn’t get it at first, until I read your comments, I realized he meant the mop drinking the water up again. But it is funny to think he meant that.

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