Snackeez Duo Commercial Revealed!

The Product: Snackeez Duo

The Promise: “The All-In-One, Go Anywhere Snacking Solution!”

The Total Price: 10 Snackeez Duo’s for $9.99 + $4.99 s/h ($14.98 before tax)

About Snackeez Duo

Snackeez Duo is the new quasi disposable snack and drink cup combos with straws. (Just imagine a regular Snackeez made with the kind of plastic used in disposable dishware.)

Each Snackeez Duo holds 12 oz of your favorite drink and 6 oz snacks and comes in various colors. And if you’re into saving money, you can even hand wash and reuse Snackeez Duo.

About The Snackeez Duo Commercial

Nick and I were really sad that Grossy Gross and for that matter, any actors were used in this new spot for Snackeez Duo. It looks like they are crossing over into a general merchandise item for regular store consumption. (Not that its a bad thing, but it makes it more of an every day item instead of some wild and wacky As Seen On TV toy!)

What are YOUR thoughts about Snackeez Duo? Is this something that Nick and I should review? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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7 comments on “Snackeez Duo Commercial Revealed!
  1. Liyana26able says:

    In Singapore they got sell this with food and drinks for only S$5+

  2. Yana And Ilona says:

    It’s not the #1

  3. Chely Gonzalez says:

    Sucks we can’t get it in stores. Also, first infomercial I’ve seen with no people in it.

  4. Jack Israelson says:

    Snackeez does not work.

  5. KataWolf says:

    “2015 Product of the Year”Is it ok to say that if we haven’t even reached the halfway point of this year?

  6. The Wolf Girl Behind The Camera says:

    So they created this so you will Buy more!!!!!!!

  7. Martin Alarcon says:

    Why you doing Snackezs Dou if they already have Snackezs

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