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SnoreRx can be purchased at or CLICK HERE to shop for similar items on



SnoreRx can be purchased at or CLICK HERE to shop for similar items on

From the official website…

Why SnoreRx?
End your sleepless nights.
Exceeds Medicare Standards.
FDA Cleared.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Made in the USA
BPA Free
Medical-Grade Polycarbonate
Bruxism Protection
Micro Fit ™
Thermal-Fit ™
Patented Posi-Lock™

Frequently asked Questions

What causes snoring?
A blocked airway causes snoring, SnoreRx® advances the lower jaw while also preventing the tongue from flapping back, thereby keeping the airway open.

Are mouthpieces effective at reducing snoring?
The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine has recently identified oral appliances as an effective treatment for OSA. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine states that an oral appliance should be the first internventional therapy for snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea and snoring. A similar study in the UK of 25 heavy snorers found that use of “mandibular advancement appliances,” i.e., mouthpieces, was effective in reducing snoring loudness for 84 per cent of the subjects while 76 per cent said they were snoring on fewer nights per week.

What features should an oral appliance have?
The OAOSA recommendations to Medicare published on November 11, 2010 said that an oral appliance should provide the patient the ability to advance the lower jaw in 1 mm increments, up to 10 mm at any time. Oral appliances that employs hardware, i.e. screws, wires, nuts and bolts can compromise patients resulting in broken or chipped teeth. Those devices that utilize rubber bands, springs or torsion to force the lower jaw forward under constant pressure may result in pain and TMJ.

How does SnoreRx® work?
SnoreRx® is an advanced patent pending medical grade oral appliance that is designed to deliver maximum patient comfort and clinical effectiveness in reducing snoring with a modular fashion to deliver both comfort and maximum clinical effectiveness. The custom molded mouthpiece works by a method called ‘mandibular repositioning’ whereby the device gently advances your lower jaw forward, which creates an open airway through your throat, eliminating the vibrations that cause snoring. There is significant clinical research1. supporting the use of this technique. SnoreRx® is unique in that it allows the patient to custom micro calibrate the setting at any time to achieve a custom comfortable fit. This is vitally important for patient satisfaction.

If snoring is disrupting you or your partners sleep it is worth your time to check out SnoreRx. SnoreRx is a similar to a sports mouth guard in the fact that you need to mold it to your mouth. Once it has been molded to your mouth it can be used to help re position your jaw, allowing you to open up your airway to reduce or eliminate snoring.

We really like all of the supporting science and facts that prove that oral appliances like SnoreRx really do help those suffering from snoring issues. It can even help ease the symptoms of those with sleep apnea.

The downside to this product and others like it are the sometimes complicated returns process. (The FAQ page of the official website does a good job walking one through the process of making a return.)

What are YOUR thoughts on SnoreRx? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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  1. samoyeds4fun says:

    [..YouTube..] Works for 3 nighhts?wow….

  2. samoyeds4fun says:

    Works for 3 nighhts?wow….

  3. asia034 says:

    [..YouTube..] introducing snow in iraq?????????????? 0:17

  4. asia034 says:

    introducing snow in iraq?????????????? 0:17

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  6. nintendoatarikiller says:

    placebo effect. This thing is no better than an icy hot patch.

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