Soda Magic Commercial – As Seen On TV



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Soda Magic is the fun way to turn any drink into a fun, fizzy carbonated beverage! You’re 3 simple steps from a fizzy, bubbly drink. Simply pour your favorite drink into the Carbonating Bottle, load a Fizz Blaster, and twist on the wand to activate the magic. In seconds you’re enjoying a sparkling drink. As part of this special TV promo, you qualify to get the entire Soda Magic System at 25% off the regular price. Today you get the Soda Magic Wand, Carbonating Bottle with Stay Fizz Lid, 6 Fizz Blasters, and a Fizzy Drink Guide for only $29.99 plus $7.99 processing and handling. Soda Magic works with all types of drinks like water, juice, fruit punch, teas, lemonade and wine. This is a great deal, and it is not available in stores! And, your Soda Magic is backed by our 30 Day money back guarantee, less shipping and handling.

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88 comments on “Soda Magic Commercial – As Seen On TV
  1. BEASLAND000 says:

    couldn’t you use those co2 cartridges that model kits use or something?

  2. Sham Wow says:

    can you reffil them?

  3. GordyTV says:

    Can it fizz my urine

  4. Boltxmarksman says:

    why were kids drinking cider?

  5. CupcakeChickXxx says:

    Copied SodaStream….. Their product is way better and you used their slogan. Copyright, much?

  6. metademetra says:

    Isn’t Cider carbonated anyways? What’s the point in turning an already fizzy drink into something even more fizzy?

  7. MissBookworm1995 says:

    its a soda streamer -_-

  8. noah49251 says:

    Its good for you? You are stupid! It just make u fatter

  9. karen henriquez says:

    lets get bizzy with fizzy! XD 0:46

  10. Kari166 says:

    No, it doesn’t.

  11. DbzPivotXL says:

    Why waste time on this when you can buy them at stores

  12. tonyantonio2 says:

    and its highquality and legit

  13. veggiet2009 says:

    “let’s get busy with the fizzy”

  14. WhoElseButPiero7 says:

    “Just pour your favorite chilled drink into the sort of magic bottle”

  15. Rachel Zhang says:

    What if you put soda in that thing…………..

  16. bloodredeyes666 says:


  17. thenrilliantprincess says:

    who says fizztastic?

  18. Isaywegotothemoon says:

    me starting now :U-shot-

  19. flora2378 says:

    so I can turn pee into a fizzy drink? AMAZING!!!!

  20. RoomySuper Mario says:

    Fizztastic is a word. :/ Well…

  21. RoomySuper Mario says:

    EWWW! Gross!

  22. nadyasafeeya says:

    Why thoose kids don’t say soda magic

  23. Avery Padilla says:

    Oooooor, you could just drink whatever you have. Does it have to be “fun”?

  24. chrischris433715 says:

    Tgs podcast anyone?

  25. fenixxthecat says:

    “flavour enhancing bubbles”

  26. smokescreenSA says:


  27. Emily Denney says:

    Soda stream much…

  28. TheMagicalElement says:

    Because normal soda is too mainstream.

  29. PiccoTerra says:

    the only problem with that is, that to get normal water you need to have good tap water where you life…

  30. avrilfantasyrin says:

    I’m sure if I had that, I would be playing with it and watch it fizz the water rather than drinking it :p

  31. IloveTobuscusdarknessrednesswhiteness Epicocity says:

    yes, theres also something called diet coke and mentos

  32. LovelyKittenPrincess says:

    Gretchen, stop trying to make fizztastic happen, it’s NOT going to happen!

  33. salemgirl123 says:

    1:21… because everyone takes their groceries in the house ..more then one trip…pfft..fump those crazies

  34. BeatlesandWebkinz says:

    There is something already like that… It’s called sodastream…

  35. Rebby B says:

    what about chocolate milk

  36. TheKidsViewSUBSCRIBE says:

    his is twist n sparkle and that is a RECALL PRODUCT!

  37. emily steyer-mader says:

    So this is just encouraging more kids to drink soda?!?! And at 40:00 i thought cider had alcohol in it!?!?

  38. Kitty Fister says:

    I never trust a product if they don’t tell me the price. Fuck this abomination!

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