Solar Animal Repeller

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Today’s review focuses on the Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller. This device protects your property from unwanted pests by sending a high frequency sound which is unpleasant to animals. It is solar powered, but works both day and night to protect you. Every time a pest gets within 30 feet, the motion activated alarm will sound and the animal will leave the area.

Solar Animal Repeller Benefits

  • The ultrasonic repellent is a safe & humane alternative to poisons, traps, and pricey exterminators.

  • Works day and night to keep unwanted pests out of the areas you choose.

  • The unit being solar powered means that you have the freedom to place it anywhere you need a deterrent.

  • Does the Solar Animal Repeller really work?

    Our extensive testing in our garden this year has shown us that the Solar Animal Repeller works as advertised. We began the season with several neighborhood animals using our garden boxes as a toilet. After setting up the repeller we immediately got results. We no longer had little piles of fertilizer and my lettuce was able to mature uneaten by the local wildlife.

    Solar Animal Repeller Complaints

    Apart from some people accidentally getting shipped the non solar version via Amazon, the Solar Animal Repeller has had very few complaints that we can find. The company that makes the product, Bell & Howell, currently holds a very respectable B rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    Solar Animal Repeller Customer Comments

    “We had problems in our yard with a cat who used one of our planters as her litter box, but now with the animal repeller, she no longer jumps into the planter. Also we had a lot of other critters running around the yard, especially at night, but not now. Keeps the squirrels out of the flower bed in the front of the house, too. ”

    – G Sue

    “Worked better than I thought it would. Haven’t had my neighbors cats digging in my garden since I put them out. Very happy with them. I bought two!”

    – L Protzeller

    “Fast shipping, and packed well. I bought these to take care of a dog problem that I have.”

    – S Fradella

    Solar Animal Repeller Guarantee

    The Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. (Minus shipping and handling charges.)

    Click here to buy the Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller

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