Squatty Potty: Silly Name, Serious Product



Frequently Asked Questions From The Squatty Potty Website

It’s A Fact:
Squatting is the Simple Solution!

How can Squatty Potty® work for you?
How do I get the best results?
Relax! The optimal elimination posture is a relaxed position as close as possible to a natural squat. Squatting becomes easier with continued use as your body adjusts to the new Squatty Potty® toilet posture.

How do I use it?
Start with your Squatty Potty® stored under the toilet. Take a seat. While sitting, pull the Squatty Potty® out to a comfortable distance and place your feet on the foot rests. Remember, the more you simulate a natural squat position, the better.

Will it work with my toilet?
The Squatty Potty® works perfectly with ANY standard toilet.

How often should I use my Squatty Potty®?
Use the Squatty Potty® every time you go to the bathroom… even when you tinkle!

What should I expect?
The Squatty Potty® may feel different at first, but the body quickly adjusts and the new healthy way of eliminating quickly becomes second nature. For most people, the difference is immediate while for some it takes about a week to adjust, relax and get things moving.

How do I clean it?
For those who sprinkle when you tinkle, clean your Squatty Potty® with your favorite toilet cleaner and a soft rag.

How do I return it?
We offer a 60-day, hassel free, money back guarantee. Simply return it for any reason and we will credit the full purchase price (less P&H). Visit our Customer Service page for more information

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42 comments on “Squatty Potty: Silly Name, Serious Product
  1. Gangnamstylepsykpop says:


  2. Gangnamstylepsykpop says:


  3. Gangnamstylepsykpop says:


  4. Reece Cansdale says:


  5. TheiBlaster says:

    I’ll join the Squatty Potty revulotion!!!!! Viva la Squatty Potty!!

  6. AliciaMaricia says:

    its a stool….so u can pass ur stool. stoolception?

  7. AliciaMaricia says:

    its a stool…so u can pass ur stool. stoolception?

  8. Transhuman says:

    This video literally made me have to poop

  9. mrmrzoozila says:

    Just get a stool -_-

  10. bob billy says:

    yea…. that didnt make me feel akwrd at all..

  11. MrScoocks says:

    I thought this was a joke at first…

  12. simlover00 says:

    i know this to work cuz back home we don’t have toilets like the ones here but ones where you have to squat on the floor over the toilet. it actually helps

  13. Bob Port says:

    I wanna to go potty!

  14. DarkPatro56 says:

    If this would have such a major impact on your health, why on hell I do not hear about this on TV, radio or even in schools and so on? Why isn’t such a stool a common thing to see? Oh I get it. It’s either a lie or it barely has any impact on your health. Oh I see the revolution with Squatty Potty when creators of it will get bankrupt. This informecial provides enough info to make such conditions by yourself.

  15. Mike Cee says:

    Scariest shit, I’ve ever seen!!

  16. There are two different types of toilets here in Japan, the “squatty-potties” and the “western-styles.” I happen to prefer the squatty potties, and it’s been written that squatting is actually healthier for the body. It doesn’t feel good to us Americans, but that’s because we slouch all the time in couches and office chairs, and our muscles are all out of shape. For those accustomed to sitting on the floor, this is really quite comfortable. I can never forget a scene from the Tom Selleck movie, Mr. Baseball, where he said something about his Japanese couch that went like this, “You tell me how to talk, and how to wear my mustache, next you’re going to tell me is how to take a crap.” Then he walked into the bathroom, and you hear him yell something like, “Help, I need someone to tell me how to take a crap!” A lot of Americans stress over which way to face. The truth is that you face the hood of the squatty-potty, but the secret is that as long as you can reach the toilet paper, no one will ever know if you did it wrong. I happen to prefer these because it’s easier not to come in contact with anything, and as long as you aren’t wearing anything long and ridiculous like a wedding dress or coveralls, it’s much easier to tuck your clothes around yourself so they don’t fall into the water. And often times, there is no water until you pee or flush, anyway. But, I am not most Americans. Nah, it’s a sad thing to say, but a large percentage of us military folk are pretty squeamish. Imagine a tour bus full of skiers and snowboarders. Daredevils, right? Wrong! When the tour bus stops at the rest-stop, it is customary to see a long line of females lined up outside a restroom with rows of empty stalls. They’re all waiting for the one western style toilet. The Japanese ladies have to walk around to enter the restroom. It’s really quite embarrassing.

  17. parislover02 says:

    Is this actually how scary our future is gonna be. We r gonna start squatting instead

  18. Lars Moede says:


  19. therainbowpanda9 says:

    Because stools don’t exist anymore..

  20. xshabootiex says:

    this is the most dramatic commercial about shitting I’ve ever seen

  21. GEhotpants101 says:

    ‘Cause it’s boring. It’s not a super huge deal, but they’re not wrong…you’d have an easier time pooing squatting. The toilets across Asia all require you to squat for a reason…

  22. Kaitlyn Quinlan says:

    What would you do if you walked into someone taking a shit with one of these??

  23. asamojomaster says:

    I just use the garbage can in my bathroom and it actually works

  24. corwin11412 says:


  25. MsSunhappy says:

    it really is better to squat than to sit, hemorrhoids are more prevalent on culture that sit. but it is true this thing is just a rip-off, i use a bucket to put my feet up, and you can use anything really.

  26. Garrus Vakarian says:


  27. Garrus Vakarian says:

    You join them.

  28. Chris Somma says:

    Its like human centipede

  29. Chanpisey Riem says:

    Asian style

  30. theglitterazzii says:

    What is our world turning too

  31. nwn2377 says:

    it would be the same as walking in on any one, you apologise and back out feeling like a jerk

  32. irken24 says:

    Even though it is true that naturally humans should squat while taking a crap, this commercial is still really funny. “Join the Squatty Potty revolution!”

  33. AtomMine says:

    I think your ass will sink into the toilet by sitting like this.

  34. David Ross says:

    We don’t talk about this.

  35. Elena L says:

    i poop fine without it lol

  36. brandy lvu says:


  37. Stephen Smith says:

    The squatty potty also known as the step stool.

  38. Miriam Porcellato says:

    Why do I feel like taking a shit now?

  39. yumerch says:

    stool 4 stool

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