Squeezy Freezy Is Frozen Fun For Everyone!



The As Seen On TV Blog’s Squeezy Freezy Review

Warm weather has returned, and with it comes bored summertime kids. And nothing breaks the monotony of a hot, sticky, summer day like a frosty, slushy! Normally we would break out our tried and true Slushy Magic but the fine folks at Ontel have created an even better product called the Squeezy Freezy!

The Squeezy Freezy takes the concept of a frozen slush maker and turns it completely on it’s head. Instead of reusable ice cubes that can be easily lost, Squeezy Freezy has a semi soft squishable, squeezable cup that you put in the freezer. When your ready to make your treat, just pour in your liquid and then squish and squeeze your drink until it turns into a delicious frozen slush in minutes!

The Squeezy Freezy cup itself is well built, and looks to be just as durable as it predecessor. My son and I both liked the feel of the freezable chambers on the cup. (It reminded me of squishing a Stretch Armstrong toy!)

Like other slushy making products, you’ll have to let the Squeezy Freezy get nice and chilly in the freezer before using. I like to put them in overnight so they’re super cold.

Making the Squeezy Freezy of course is the funnest part. My sun likes to use soda and I tend to lean towards sports drinks. (Of course, Squeezy Freezy can also make a mean Margarita if you throw the alcohol in after you turn things slushy!)

One thing to watch out for though is letting your kids put in too much liquid. My son did this and between that and his zealous squeezing he ended up squishing his slushy right out of the hole in the top of the clear plastic dome!

So if you are in the market for a great summertime slushy maker, and a bit of built in entertainment, it is definitely worth your time to check out Squeezy Freezy.

What are YOUR thoughts about Squeezy Freezy? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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85 comments on “Squeezy Freezy Is Frozen Fun For Everyone!
  1. T Pp says:

    I think yeti raped all those kids!!

  2. Monaty13 says:

    0:58 Who starts the blender without the lid !?!?

  3. CaveStoryAwesomeness says:

    Where the fuck is Jaboody Dubs!?!

  4. Gruntfan says:

    I was sold until they mentioned that the Yetis are not included.

  5. Sirius Hollows says:

    Teaching kids how to give handjobs since 2011

  6. Siah Cait loves you says:


  7. Siah Cait loves you says:


  8. Siah Cait loves you says:

    It says u have to freeze it for three hours it didnt work

  9. Siah Cait loves you says:

    I left it freeze overnight it didnt work either

  10. holly nielsen says:

    i have one and it works great

  11. Caroline Savage says:

    I need this

  12. laura banks says:

    @Monaty13 thank you i was like ‘really… Y is u acting so crazy’

  13. bionicleman051 says:

    If you think that’s how you give handjobs then you either watch some weird porn or have one hell of a girlfriend.

  14. officialycenation says:

    I just got a Minecraft premium card code for free! :D freeminecraftgiftcodes{dot}net

  15. waterbubble24 says:

    im happy the yeti is not inculed

  16. gearsaw says:

    Holy shit, I only looked this commercial up because when I saw it on tv, I was like “wtf was that demon from the deepest bowls of frozen hell”

  17. Courtney Mcallister says:

    were did you get ?

  18. strawberrypiano21 says:

    whoever designed that yeti costume has serious f*ckin problems

  19. strawberrypiano21 says:

    ‘like’ if you youtubed this commercial because you were intrigued by the yeti after it played on tv

  20. Mrfutanari Satinic says:

    We need a squisy freeze creepypasta, and I have the perfect name as well, its going to be called: Yetis joy.

  21. Carloscout says:

    holy crap keep pressing 2

  22. negrafea6 says:

    I saw it on TV then I saw the yeti I was like WTF!? then I went to YouTube to see if anyone else noticed the yeti.

  23. jakebh07 says:

    Just got mine. !! :)

  24. Kanani Doll says:

    I saw this yeti once, had nightmars for a couple days

  25. Michelle Escobar says:

    Got mine today

  26. angel gaytan says:

    I got mine yesterday it actually work & it’s so awesome

  27. ohcardboardbox says:

    $28?? I got mine on sale for $7. Now a question- whenever I freeze it, even over night, it doesn’t freeze solid. It feels like a gel. What do I do?

  28. Tanner Cormier says:

    Got mine and it won’t work

  29. Bethanie Zoel says:

    Its like a little catchy song ;D

  30. mili G says:


  31. Sophia Floyd says:


  32. DuoSigma says:

    Funny thing is, Slushy magic doesn’t even work, And this family is full of lunatics, the daughter on the mom are alike, you can tell that the genes of retardation passed on just fine.

  33. AnimeLover098 says:

    i just bought one~ but there are these weird black dirt floating inside the ice pack~ is anyone else’s like this?

  34. lizardlovinggirl says:

    it really works i have one and i use it all the time after school it just takes a minute of sitting and a minute of squeezing and presto!

  35. oreorocks4ever says:

    thumbs up if your here because of bunny!!!!

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