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Squishy Baff is a totally unique, completely safe, UK manufactured powder that turns ordinary water into glorious, colourful goo! Squishy Baff has passed all toy safety testing in the UK, in Australia & has recently passed a very stringent USA testing (FDA). A second stage powder then simply turns the goo back to water again so as it can be easily drained.

Kids love it in the bath, in outdoor kiddie’s pools, or even in a small bowl or sink.

Squishy Baff initially started life as a ‘Foot Spa’ product – it was used to ‘soften’ feet in foot spas for many years! As such, Squishy Baff is actually very good for the skin for the vast majority of users & leaves the skin feeling soft & refreshed!

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909 comments on “Squishy Baff Commercial
  1. Charlotte Rice says:

    Pakchi87 u get a powder to turn it back to water.

  2. Donovan R says:

    This is just so bizarre.

  3. Caroline Savage says:

    This is so relevant to my life

  4. Emilie Gray says:

    I’m just here because of Mirandasings08

  5. maxodin231 says:


  6. Kylia872 says:

    Use the red goo for a horror movie act like a monster blended up a body then it became too XD

  7. Aeriell3lv says:

    I bought this and realized that I just paid for over priced diaper gel. I swear it is the same stuff that is found inside diapers.

  8. Wrinkle V says:

    its true. just buy some huggies, scrape them with a fork and BAM! squishy baff

  9. Wrinkle V says:

    u use salt 2 turn it back into water

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