Sticky Buddy Commercial “As Seen On TV”



The Sticky Buddy easily removes hair, crumbs, lint and so much more! Its rubber fingers dig deep to remove offending particles from carpets, couches, clothes, upholstery or anywhere else it’s needed! Sticky Buddy™ cleans in seconds with just soap and water, and becomes sticky to use over and over again!

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132 comments on “Sticky Buddy Commercial “As Seen On TV”
  1. 08WSChamps says:

    All bout those magic rubber fingas lmao

  2. Hannah Hellraiser says:

    Ladies I don’t care how smelly or hairy your carpets are my rubber fingers get in there deep ;)

  3. craffte says:


  4. Ben Weinel says:

    Damn i got pussy hair on me

  5. PlurpleEmo says:

    Everyone is only here for

  6. Apuntes101 says:

    even reading that i lost it again XD XD

  7. thewetarded says:

    ooh precious food!

  8. Bernardo G says:

    LOL I only bought it because of the dub =P gotta admit it prolly boosted their sales like crazy

  9. Bernardo G says:

    LOL I only bought it because of the dub =P gotta admit it prolly boosted their sales like crazy

  10. CleoTheElf says:

    1:05 Doesn’t matter if it’s a quickieWrap your stickie

  11. georgiahtaloca says:

    where’s the crazy old lady D:

  12. Sammanben says:

    JaboodyDubs Motherfucker

  13. beastnumber85 says:

    Kids are making a fucking mess In the car

  14. Alex McAdams says:

    Saddest cat ever

  15. Jennifer Medina says:

    Where’s the old lady

  16. George Varghese says:

    spouse hair mouse hair??? spouse hair??? anything. 0)_0)

  17. Chris Iddon says:

    weres the old woman??? :(

  18. Peter Siri says:

    imagine putting it on your pubes

  19. Dante R says:

    LMFAO *dead*

  20. Kstorm88 says:

    MMMMMmmmm Precious FOOD!! ugh ugh ugh mmm THANKS BUDDEY!

  21. wwekane1999 says:

    Use it on silks suedes swag.

  22. XxAshxX140 says:

    But….. old lady? D:

  23. Gavin Stephens says:


  24. Gavin Stephens says:

    “Use short strokes to gather the hair” lmao


    Lady’s I don’t care how dirty your carpets are mY rubber fingers will get in there easy

  26. RedHedMusic says:


  27. TheAndrewj96 says:

    1:10 Stop rolling up your money with those old lint rollers! The fuck is wrong with you?

  28. FogginOnTV says:

    Watch the parody on my channel

  29. Billy Mays says:

    Fuck Anthony Sullivan, Who’s ready to party like it’s 19.99?

  30. Amy MacFarlane says:

    My friend said it was supposed to be funny….. I dont get it

  31. zech299 says:

    He was your business partner.

  32. alejandropineda2758 says:

    Search jaboody dubs its awesome

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