Stompeez can currently be ordered only from Click Here To Shop For More Styles Of Animal Slippers


Today’s 30 second review focuses on the latest creation from the makers of the Pillow PetPillow Pet. The product in question is called Stompeez. Stompeez are essentially animal slippers that make various movements when you stomp your feet. Some have ears that flop up while others have opening mouths. They currently come in the following styles: Sir One-Eyed Monster, Growlin’ Dragon, Be-Bop Bunny, Unusual Unicorn, Perky Puppy, Playful Blue Puppy, and Peek-A-Boo Kitty.

Stompeez Pros

  • The large selection of styles makes finding the perfect Stompeez for your loved one a breeze.

  • According to my son Stompeez are super comfortable.

  • Stompeez are just flat out fun!

  • Stompeez Cons

  • Stompeez DO NOT come in adult sizes!

    Stompeez Contact Information

    Stompeez Customer Service Department

    Stompeez can currently be ordered only from Click Here To Shop For More Styles Of Animal Slippers

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    237 comments on “Stompeez
    1. dhearts says:

      these things are a joke, they don’t work and should be taken off the market today.

    2. SufferingConsequence says:

      Can’t help it I am what I eat

    3. Julia Rooks says:

      There dumb i’m 10 and i am still a kid and and i do no want them or love them there STUDIED!

    4. Nicoleevergreen says:


    5. mark101588 says:

      pvp saaaan

    6. omaricondego says:

      Makes your cute kids even cuter!

    7. purplecupcakezrok says:


    8. Amber says:

      These slippers are a RIP OFF! I bought 3 pairs and the longest that they worked was 1 week 2 days. DO NOT WAST YOUR MONEY!

    9. Jacob Reiss says:

      This kinda makes me sad!!:( Makes me want to be a little kid again!!

    10. gircakes says:

      I don’t think I could take these to grandmas house since she lives in Germany and I’m in America.

    11. DarkAngel55667 says:

      @Julia Rooks Why do you have a youtube account? You gotta be over 13 , plus they arent saying “ALL KIDS LOVE STOMPEEZ!” Are they? Learn how to spell too *facepalm*

    12. Jaysa Sulley says:

      My 21 year old boyfriend wants two pairs, I’m pretty sure even teenagers love stompeez.

    13. babygiraffe123 says:

      My 8 year old daughter wanted a pair of these for SO long, but we couldn’t find them in any of the stores. Plus…I’d heard bad reviews about them breaking after an hour of use, so I was a bit hesitant. Christmas 2012….I was shopping for my kids’ gifts and found Stompeez at a store in the mall. Pretty pricey at $40/pair, but I knew my daughter would love them. BEST purchase ever. I bought her the Unusual Unicorns, she loves them, and they’re def a lot more durable than people say. :)

    14. BeatlesandWebkinz says:

      I can’t love stompeez, my feet are size 10 1/2 and i’m almost 12.

    15. Jenny Sue says:

      I am getting me a pair and I’m 40 lol

    16. TheDarknessOfVoid says:

      … pedo

    17. XxDCDesignsxX says:

      I swear to the Maker, the first time I saw this commercial, There was a terrifying Zebra.There was just something… off about it.

    18. Butter Herobrine says:

      wouldnt recommend!!!!! On FIRST day on use for only LITERALY one hour they broke!One of the pair of ears of the Perky Puppy wouldnt work!(right foot) BEWARE BUYERS!!! CUTE BUT R-U-B-B-I-S-H! Please dont dislike this comment I am honestly telling people the truth, if not I’ll post a vid

    19. Butter Herobrine says:

      Check the reviews on on the Perky puppy large. Trust me the reviews will tell u everything u need to know. Like this comment and previous comment posted by me if u agree or u have had the same PROBLEM!

    20. NeedTheHealJuice says:

      I have slippers. Why do i need this

    21. frumpy4 says:

      Because ordinary slippers are “boring” :P

    22. Jason C says:

      The grandma’s like “Stop fucking pounding oh my headache…”

    23. Emily Cobb says:

      I have playfull puppy the purple ones

    24. purpleweekend996 says:

      “?Kids LOVE them!!!!!!!!!” They said over 9000 times

    25. Michael Quirion says:

      your inappropriate

    26. Ramon Chavis says:

      That girl got ugly feet

    27. funezcookie6 says:

      Who the fuck wears slippers when in a car?

    28. melissaelmore73 says:

      I have read so many bad reviews concerning stompeez. Guess they are like Obama, THEY DON’T WORK!!!

    29. roadsidemagic says:

      *I look it up*I seez it*insert terrified yao ming face here*

    30. roadsidemagic says:


    31. cherrygrapecookie says:

      They actually do work, I have them (just a note for people who are saying that hey aren’t going to work) lol

    32. Wilfredo Garcia says:

      So now my kids is gana be stomping evry were ?!

    33. DeathScytheGod1 says:

      my cousin has them, theyre cool ahha

    34. NICOLETTE says:


    35. Kitty Fister says:

      I need to get a pair of these to go with my snuggie… Then I will be ready for walmart!

    36. Jacob Garcia says:

      The commercial said walk, stomp,or jump and stompies pop to life. Wilfredo Garcia.

    37. ?? ? says:

      if you still need can direct to buy from our aliexpress store.if you want to buy one pairs, just need adjust the price. pls contact with me!

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