StufZ As Seen On TV Review With Nick And Shane

The Product: StufZ Burger Press

The Promoter: Idea Village

The Promise: “Make Stuffed Burgers Like A Pro Chef!”

The Total Price: 1 StufZ for $9.88 via

StufZ As Seen On TV Video Review

stufz logo In this week’s As Seen On TV review, Nick and Shane tackle making stuffed burgers with the StufZ burger press. (And we also address our lack of seat belt safety from a previous video!) This one is a bit long, but worth the wait!

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9 comments on “StufZ As Seen On TV Review With Nick And Shane
  1. Allan Biala says:

    There’s no punctuation in your title!

  2. Jenn Trusty says:

    Ok, for health conscious burger makers…the best stufz burger I have had is a turkey burger (mix A1 sauce, Worcestershire, and garlic powder with the meat) stuffed with a pepper jack laughing cow cheese wedge!!! YUM-O

  3. Samantha Williams says:

    Wow. i forgot that you even made videos nick. Lol

  4. Ryan Peters says:

    “My name is nick & I love squishing buns”ahahahahahhaha

  5. melstar1ify says:

    Aw guys the apologising was lovely to hear. I’m glad you respect what your viewers where saying to you. I always put my seat belt on when I get in the car it’s pure habit! <3

  6. Erik B says:

    Hahah, nick likes squeezing the bunz, Shane’s look was priceless!!! Go nick, great review guys… That item will get dusty i predict.

  7. Mustang09Hotty says:

    No need for this product u can do it by hand

  8. Luke Knight says:

    The mouth smacking lol

  9. Raven Patrick says:

    not to be rude but oh my god please chew with your mouth CLOSED!

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