StufZ Burger Press Makes Perfectly Sealed Stuffed Burger Patties Every Time!

The Product: StufZ Burger Press
The Promise: Make stuffed burgers just like a pro chef!
The Price: Two StufZ’s for $19.97 (Expect sales tax in some states)

StufZ Burger Press Review

One of our family traditions is to eat at non chain restaurants when we are on the road. Being an old restaurant guy myself, I’m personally partial to burger joints. Especially burger joints that feature stuffed burgers like the Juicy Lucy! So when we found and ordered the StufZ burger press to review I was stoked!

Stufz is a special burger press that makes a deep pocket that you can easily stuff with your favorite ingredients for a perfectly sealed, perfectly tasty, stuffed burger that won’t leak until you bite into it!

When ordered from the official StufZ website, you get 2 StufZ burger presses for $19.97! (That’s $9.99 + $4.99 S&P for the 1st one and $4.99 S&P for the second one.)

I was a little concerned at first when testing it out that it would be complicated to use. Thankfully, that’s NOT the case. It really was really easy! You just press the bottom to make your pocket, fill it up with your ingredients, and seal the top. (I saved a ton of time by weighing out my burger tops and bottoms before starting.)

I was also impressed with how well the stuffed patties held up during cooking. The consistently sized walls that the StufZ creates when making the pocket seems to be the secret. (Just be careful when biting into your sandwiches after cooking as the middle gets really hot!)

We have used our StufZ several times already and have made some outstanding burgers with it. My favorite is to stuff it with sauteed mushroom, onion, and peppers, while my son has settled on a Velveeta shells and cheese stuffing. (Don’t knock it until you try it!) My wife got really experimental and even made some with tortilla chips and salsa. There is no limit to the combinations you can try!

All in all, I really liked testing out the StufZ burger press and my family will continue to use it well into the future as it does it’s job really well for a good price. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes delicious, gourmet burgers or just wants to spice up their burger nights!

What are YOUR thoughts about the StufZ burger press? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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19 comments on “StufZ Burger Press Makes Perfectly Sealed Stuffed Burger Patties Every Time!
  1. spikydemon86 says:

    Recipies? Oh StufZ, you goofed. Also, that patty is bigger than the palm of your hand. That is grossly over the top.

  2. irken24 says:


  3. CL B says:

    Brought to you by the country who uses fried chicken as bread.

  4. Jack Bolden says:

    I agree, this is just disgusting, and WAY too big.

  5. Collin Pribula says:


  6. simonli2575 says:


  7. OMFGwaffled says:

    Who puts chicken in beef or macaroni in a burger.

  8. Owen Kemp says:

    What’s the bet this doesn’t even work?

  9. gothhydran says:

    I’d rather have one of those Juicy Lucy hamburgers that I saw on an episode of “Man vs Food”. Handmade and looks much better than this.

  10. Amalia Meilita says:

    i want this stuff

  11. Alexandra roger says:

    Its the same freaking thing as a regular burger

  12. Mau506 says:

    I wonder if he’ll use this on Bar Rescue.

  13. Phil Perry says:

    Looks amazing?Ehhh, nope looks disgusting.

  14. MegaGamer456 says:

    Looks useless… a burger is good with nothing inside

  15. dancenekkid says:

    This is pretty bad. The more you press or handle ground beef, the tougher it gets.

  16. Joe says:

    “Yeah, that works.”

  17. MeanT241985 says:

    Is it really that hard to just use your hands?

  18. Bruce Willke Sr. says:

    Mac n cheese life +Bruce Willke #NOAGENDA

  19. PyceV2 says:

    They look so dry.

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