Style Snaps

Style Snaps are a device that allows you to easily change the length of any pants to fit your need.

Style Snaps Pros

  • Change your hem as often as you change your shoes.

  • The product is truly reusable. Wash the clothing residue off the strip and let it air dry. It will be even stickier than before!

  • Not just for hems. Use it on lapels, shirts, and belts.

  • Style Snaps Cons

  • Shipping time is 2-4 weeks after the order is processed.

  • The offer is not available in stores.

  • Style Snaps Customer Comments

    “What a great idea. Most of our jeans are too long for everyone so this is a great solution for people who want to wear them right away.”

    Katie – LA

    “Oh my goodness, thank you ladies! I have been looking for a product like this FOR YEARS.”

    Sarah – UK

    “Style Snaps is extremely easy to use and effective… plus, when you put the jeans on, the snaps didn’t just come off (something that happens perpetually with cuffed jeans!). I was also excited that after moving them, there were no marks left on the jeans, which was really important in my opinion.”


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