Super Sipperz Commercial As Seen On TV!

The Product: Super Sipperz

The Promise: “Fun, exciting straws that you can build into any cool shape you imagine!”

The Total Price: 2 Super Sipperz Sets with 2 wacky straw glasses for $19.85

Super Sipperz Product Information

Super Sipperz are essentially drinking straw construction kits that allow you to make all kinds of fun and wacky drinking straws! (They are similar to the name brand Strawz that you can find at!) Each 80 piece set contains enough connectors and straw pieces to make all kinds of interesting straws.

Should Nick and I review Super Sipperz to see if they really work? Let us know in the comments below!

Strawz Connectible Drinking Straws – $9.99

Strawz Connectible DIY Drinking Straws

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8 comments on “Super Sipperz Commercial As Seen On TV!
  1. Conorcomedian 1994 says:

    Aren’t these similar to strawz?

  2. Conorcomedian 1994 says:

    It would be cool if you made the super sipper attach to the video game controllers!

  3. Glitchy_The_Ghost says:

    I don’t know about you, but I’d rather play my TF2 than drink from an over-complicated bendy straw.

  4. Linda Nguyen says:

    This reminders of zippy straws

  5. Leeann•Johnson says:

    Imagine if u spent ten hours making the Eiffel Tower and then the straws just collapse

  6. Dennis Dowd says:

    For me they must of gotten these kids “stoned” on some “special” brownies to look so happy about a bunch of stupid straws.

  7. HeadLikeOrange says:

    Perfect for kids .. AND GRANDKIDS!That’s hilarious.

  8. cáfe nékø says:

    Ouch mum looks like u are goona have a tough time cleaning

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