Table Mate Brings TV Trays Into The 21st Century!



Description and information from the official Table Mate Website…

Table-Mate is Like Having 12 Tables In One!
Table-Mate® is the perfect portable table for anything you need a table surface for and can hold up to 50 lb! Use it for eating, as a laptop computer table, study desk, reading, writing, drawing, board games, models, puzzles, arts and crafts, trade shows, gardening, serving table, table to hold a computer keyboard… or anything else you can possibly think of!

Table-Mate Benefits:

– The Ultimate Portable Table!
– Not Available in Stores!
– Buy 1 Table-Mate Get 1 Free!*

Only $29.95
*Just pay additional P&H
+ Heavy Duty P&H


• The most comfortable portable table
• Now with built in cupholder!
• Slides right to you
• Adjusts to 6 different heights and 3 angles
• Like having 18 tables in 1
• Ideal for those with limited space and mobility
• Holds up to 50 LBS
• Folds flat for storage or stacks for convenience

OFFER DETAILS: Order today and you’ll receive 1 Table-Mate® for $29.95 plus $9.95 Heavy Duty P&H and as a bonus we’ll give a second Table-Mate® free! Just pay separate P&H

The As Seen On TV Blog’s thoughts on the Table Mate:

The Table Mate is a great alternative to those flimsy traditional TV trays. The construction is solid, and the addition of a built in cup holder makes it even more useful as a laptop stand! This is a great item for those who like to multitask in front of the television and want to be comfortable.

My only gripe is the lack of additional colors for this product.

What are YOUR thoughts about the Table Mate? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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41 comments on “Table Mate Brings TV Trays Into The 21st Century!
  1. ravimathavi says:

    You showed this product beforw

  2. chocolaty69z says:

    So it’s like a semi adult high chair?

  3. Nick Liznick says:

    Oh shit it has a cupholder!!!!

  4. monkeywrench501 says:

    So basically it’s a fancy high school desk

  5. painting says:

    two table mates, THAT’S 36 TABLES!!!

  6. Kyle Huffman says:

    I love how they advertise it for reading and the old bastard isn’t even using the table. He’s just sitting there, with the table in front of him, holding his newspaper and reading. What a dick.

  7. zetamafia911 says:

    I feel more stupid just watching this.

  8. Phuck Yoo says:

    Too stupid to hold stuff properly? Don’t bother learning the basic coordination skills you have somehow missed out on in childhood, just buy this piece of crap!

  9. TheAsSeenOnTVBlog says:

    I just did a search of my videos and didn’t notice a double. Do you have a video id?

  10. Jantsen Adkins says:

    This came out 20 years ago. Just without the cupholder….

  11. Lu Cero says:

    How cool! I remember this ad was on tv ten years ago. It seems they still sell this table

  12. British1500 says:

    That first guy was power-landing into the couch. He’s just stupid.

  13. bubblegumgurl476 says:

    We got one of those in the store i didn’t even know it was on an infomercial they are so cheap and they beack to easily

  14. Psergiorivera says:

    I LOVE THIS! Wow, this is SO white trash! How come they don’t show obese people using this?

  15. Psergiorivera says:

    The background music AWESOME!

  16. Psergiorivera says:

    @British1500 You made my day this! Been laughing over your comment for hours!!!

  17. Kerleen Williamson says:

    This is an awesome product !! My house or living is so much more cleaner thanks to this product !!!!Awesome and everyone that has something negative to say are just mad they didn’t think of it first !!!Simple but brilliant !! Where do i get 1 w/ the cup holder ???

  18. Elyzater says:

    I still have to drag it towards me so, BLERG

  19. Prence says:

    I had one of these, used it for a portable laptop desk. Worked great for that and a TV tray.

  20. Luis Yunda says:

    The purpose of a tablet to hold in your hand on the couch…

  21. Shaimaa Nabeeh says:

    ???? ?????? ?????????? ???? ?? ??? ??? ???? ??? 01223719065

  22. txbestfire says:

    The idiot at 0:06 brought me here…lol

  23. irken24 says:

    My family has had tables like this for over 4 years. I don’t think that a cupholder is enough to make it worth $30.

  24. XplodinKittehZ says:

    Lol what has the world come to

  25. DarkeraStudios says:

    I love how idiotic these commercials make people look. I mean really, look at the woman with the Cross Legged Table. What a tool

  26. Dennis Nedry says:

    I love how the guy spilled the piping hot coffee on himself at 0:08 Really, you can’t hold a coffee mug and sit down at the same time?

  27. TheYorkielover35 says:

    I have this in purple! I use it for my laptop and it’s awesome! I needed a table to set my laptop on. I hated having it in my lap :P

  28. eklineage says:

    True dat

  29. eklineage says:

    Oh shit this one has a cupholder. The next Steve Jobs is in the making.

  30. wearestellar says:

    LOL,i near pissed myself when I seen the guy with food and a drink slam himself down on the couch. Who the fuck would do that.

  31. Subha ranjan Sahoo says:

    is it available in Dubai ?if so pls mail me at

  32. mrmagoo312 says:

    Does anybody know the name of the music in this commercial? Presumably it’s just a production track, but does anybody know the name of the track or the artist?

  33. KSMstrat says:

    I find these commercials funny as hell! Lol

  34. Venus Blue says:

    Lmfao the guy falling at 6 seconds.

  35. livetolovesome182 says:

    mine warped

  36. OmnitrixMaster10K says:

    it is not the same as years ago

  37. Twins Vids says:

    :08 and :47 are classic. What old lady eats a whole pie?

  38. YouveBeenTerrorized says:

    Why the eff would you need a cup holder on a TABLE?

  39. MasterChief3040 says:

    1:05 ITS A BIG FAKE

  40. brandy lvu says:

    meh i get it. if it was $10 and in pink… nah nevermind i wouldnt waste $10. hehe

  41. niharikajaisudan says:

    I have this… its very useful…. not strong and sturdy but still its good

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