The Big Boss SmarTop Cooker Might Be The Best Portable Induction Cooktop




What is the Big Boss SmarTop Cooker?

The Big Boss SmarTop Cooker is a portable induction cooktop that comes with several presets and functions to make it safe and easy to cook where the people are.

What are the benefits to using the SmarTop Cooker?

The Big Boss SmarTop Cooker has several benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Uses breakthrough induction cooking
  • Cooks 50% faster than traditional stove tops
  • Uses 50% less energy
  • Portable, no open flame
  • Great for indoor & outdoor entertaining

  • What do I get when I order a SmarTop Cooker?

    When ordered, you get 1 SmarTop Cooker and a bonus ceramic pan for $69.92 total or you have the option of making 3 payments of $19.99 plus an additional $9.95 as well.

    What if I have problems with my SmarTop Cooker. How do contact customer service?

    You can contact SmarTop customer service via phone 1-866-783-8203 between the hours of 8:00AM – 8:00PM EST.

    But the quickest and easiest way to contact them 24 hours a day is by going to

    What are YOUR thoughts about the Big Boss SmarTop Cooker? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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    6 comments on “The Big Boss SmarTop Cooker Might Be The Best Portable Induction Cooktop
    1. trololomosher says:

      Nu Wave ripoff

    2. DuoSigma says:

      I’m waiting for a commercial, where the stove explodes, and then they say that their stove doesn’t explode.

    3. anna nguyen says:

      I have that and I love it

    4. OldFumbler says:

      Did he say that I cannot control the temperature on my stove?

    5. Sticky Shenassa says:

      He made them watch as he slowly boiled one of them- Imgur

    6. D Jakubowski says:

      Shame they don’t tell people you need to use specific cookware on induction cooktops.

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