The Chillow Will Keep You On The Cool Side Of The Pillow All Night Long!




The As Seen On TV Blog’s Chillow Review

    The Name: The Chillow Cooling Pillow Insert

    The Claim: Soothing, cooling comfort on your favorite pillow

    The Price: $12.99 + $6.95 S&P for a total of $19.94 or add a second Chillow for an extra $6.95 S&P for a total of $26.89 (Expect to pay sales tax if you live in CA, CT, NV or VT.

Getting a comfortable night’s sleep can be next to impossible sometimes. Whether its hot flashes, night sweats, sunburn, fever, or just being too hot in the house, cooling down is tough!

Thankfully, we have the Chillow to help cool things down! The Chillow is essentially a cooling pad insert for your pillow that brings cooling relief throughout the night.

Once set up and filled, the Chillow is ready for use. You can use it 4 different ways depending on how much cooling relief is needed:

  1. Cool: Use cloth side up on pillow
  2. Cooler: Use shiny side up inside your pillow
  3. Even Cooler: Use shiny side up on top of pillow
  4. Coolest: Place in refrigerator for 15-30 minutes (Do NOT freeze!)

The Chillow does require set up when you purchase it. A YouTuber named Steve Ball made a pretty good instructional video on how the process works:

Welcome to the cool side of the pillow

“Welcome to the cool side of the pillow”. – Billy Dee Williams as a pillow in a Family Guy bit

My wife and I were able to test out our Chillow for around a week and we were both equally impressed. She has begun to have hot flashes and night sweats and she happily reports that she was able to get some serious relief. I tried out the Chillow for sunburn relief for a few nights and was pretty happy with my results. It definitely made my burnt bald head more comfortable!

All in all, we were happy with our experience with the Chillow. It does a great job of cooling you down at night for a good price. We would recommend the Chillow to anyone whose looking for a more comfortable night’s sleep or just needs a way to cool down! (And don’t forget to get your Chillow Pet to keep your animal friends cool as well!)

What are YOUR thoughts about the Chillow? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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11 comments on “The Chillow Will Keep You On The Cool Side Of The Pillow All Night Long!
  1. rex brandow says:


  2. YoZgatBoi says:

    Because a pillow will cool your whole body…

  3. 77sparklestone77 says:

    Hey this is the EXACT same thing they are selling to pets

  4. Amalia Meilita says:

    why not using chillow pet one….????? is the same right?

  5. Regan Daniels says:

    This was just uploaded for pets…. Lol now you and your pet can match awwwww…..b

  6. PixarFan8080 says:

    0:33 If she likes cold, why does she have a blanket on? The only thing that is cooling her is her head since that is what the Chillow is suppose to do.

  7. Kevin Aparicio says:

    What’s the difference between chillow for pets and chillow for people?

  8. I cannot say that the chillow has removed a headache/migraine but it does offer significant relief, as it also does for when my body is experiencing hot flushes. I take it with me when I am away from home. Unfortunately I have not found a way of ensuring the chillow maintains its coolness throughout the night and can only assume that my body temperature eventually raises the temperature in the chillow.

  9. Kenneth Liu says:

    It didn’t say it was perfect for kids.

  10. Nachopup2003 says:

    This is aka word

  11. guitarzero1901 says:

    Does your room feel like a desert? Well this is for you!!

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