The Flowering Cherry Hedge Lets You Grow Fresh Cherries At Home


The Product: Flowering Cherry Hedge

The Promise: Grow Fresh Cherries At Home

The Price: 4 Cherry Hedge Plants for $23.90 total.($10.00 + $13.90 P&H)

What exactly is a Cherry Hedge?

The Flowering Cherry Hedge is essentially a cherry bush that grows regular delicious cherries.

What makes the Cherry Hedge so special?

  • The Flowering Cherry Hedge grows 3 times faster than a cherry tree.
  • The plant grows up to around 5′ making picking cherries a breeze.
  • Grows great in poor soil conditions.
  • Is winter hardy up to -40 F.

  • How much does the Flowering Cherry Tree Cost?

    When ordered, you’ll get a total of 4 Cherry Hedges for $10 + 13.90 S&H for a grand total of $23.90. (MI and CT residents will need to pay sales tax.)

    What if I have a problem with my Cherry Hedges. Is there a customer service number?

    Here is the customer service information for the Flowering Cherry Hedge:

    Gardeners’ Choice
    Cherry Hedge
    P.O. Box 8005
    81961 County Road 687 South
    Hartford, MI 49057-8000

    Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST.

    Phone: 203-857-3800


    What are YOUR thoughts about the Flowering Cherry Hedge? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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    12 comments on “The Flowering Cherry Hedge Lets You Grow Fresh Cherries At Home
    1. ina mae says:


    2. Shane Trusty says:

      This commercial for the Flowering Cherry Hedge is another prime example of a classic #asseenontv commercial with its retro graphics and script!

    3. MrH2O1998 says:

      too good to be true D:

    4. PixarFan8080 says:

      The commerical seems fake…

    5. ParaSky100 says:

      i am so fucking sick of these fruit tree and hedge infomercials

    6. Alessandra McCutcheon says:


    7. Prence says:

      And when the time comes that you get sick of cherrys, you get the added bonus of having to clean them up from your yard just to mow the grass. I always thought I wanted a apple tree so I could just go out and get all the apples I ever wanted, well I got one in the yard of a house I was renting. About a year later after I stopped eating the apples, I was out picking them up before I could even mow my grass. It was a pain in my asz.

    8. spiderman4112003 says:

      seems legit

    9. StainableToast says:

      0:11 that’s a tiling picture…

    10. Collin Pribula says:

      I 100% agree! Cherries grows on trees!

    11. pikapal91746 says:

      Same thing happened to me with a lemon tree.

    12. Aaron Favero says:

      I think the copy of Windows Movie Maker they made this commercial with needs to be taken off their computer before they make another fruit plant advert.

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