The Hydraquarium Makes Cleaning Your Fish Tank Fun!



Excerpt from the official website…

HydraQuarium – Self-Cleaning Aquarium is Fast, Easy and Mess-Free!
– Clean Water Goes In and Dirty Water Comes Out!
– Aquarium cleans itself…just add water!
– Dirt and waste settle in specially designed reservoir
– Simply pour clean water and dirt and waste is flushed out and collected in cup
– No cords, no batteries and no filters
– So easy a child can do it — and they even want to!
– No need to remove fish or rocks
– Great for home, office or dorm

Offer Details: HydraQuarium is the self-cleaning aquarium! Through this special offer, you get the HydraQuarium for only $14.99 plus $7.99 P&H. BUT WAIT, now we will also include our LED light and riverbed stones for the HydraQuarium FREE! Just pay an additional $7.99 P&H.

Offer includes: HydraQuarium, LED light and Riverbed Stones.

Orders in NJ, NY and PA will be charged applicable sales tax.

What are YOUR thoughts about the Hydraquarium? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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18 comments on “The Hydraquarium Makes Cleaning Your Fish Tank Fun!
  1. time903 says:

    That’s cool, I wish I had this when I had my first pet fish.

  2. fecth13 says:

    What happens if the fish gets stuck in the tube?

  3. Allan Biala says:

    This actually looks pretty useful.

  4. azzaz691 says:

    they’ll want to: He doesn’t look to happy.

  5. zebra2791 says:

    so we no longer consider a fish a pet? we consider it an accent piece for an office or home? oy……

  6. TanjaTheCutest says:

    Too small for a

  7. TanjaTheCutest says:

    few fish …

  8. pkerfreak says:

    it’d be nice if it came in a bigger tank.

  9. NoWhereman4444 says:

    It look’s useful, but fish really prefer bigger tanks than the one they’re showing.

  10. MagicBulletRegret says:

    Yeah, I’d actually use this if it could be attached to a larger aquarium.

  11. anniemossct says:

    good for siamese fighting fish…that’s probably the type they used in the commercial

  12. Yose Yose says:

    waht happns when algae forms inside the TANK?!

  13. dej92 says:

    You just copied “No clean Aquarims” which look better!

  14. JMFfilms87 says:


  15. TheSnuzzle says:

    No, not good for siamese fighting fish. Siamese fighting fish, or betta fish, prefer shallower tanks since they breathe from the surface of the water. If this tank was a long rectangle as opposed to a top rectangle, that would be preferable. And it’s even WORSE for the GOLDFISH they showed in the commercial!!

  16. smallanimaladvice813 says:

    OK if it was bigga

  17. salvatore de giorgi says:

    Nel mio video su you tube “NoClean Aquarium for betta by De Giorgi” mostro il mio NoClean acquarium, il quale se corettamente confrontato con Hydraquarium risulta superiore. La superiorità è già evidente a prima vista nell’estetica, subito dopo con la potenza dello svolgimento del lavoro e jnfine con il brevissimo tempo impiegato per compiere il lavoro. A giorni sarà postata da me una boccia Globe aquarium fiish tank, capace di contenere molta molta più acqua e arredata di filtro e riscaldatore.

  18. salvatore de giorgi says:

    Mi correggo, la boccia “Globe aquarium fish tank” sarà corredata sicuramente di riscaldatore, e se questo non riucirà a riscaldare tutta la boccia sarà inserita anche una pompa.

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